My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend and Play with sons

This is my 3rd weekend to not go to Havana and spend time and $$ with Ray. And I once again have extra funds for non essencials here. The funds spent in Havana were spent by my choice, sometimes more at the grocery store than I was pleased with but I didn't object and I was staying there 3 or more nights a week and eating there also.
I have to take Jake back to MO tomorrow and it will be a long and cooking hot trip but we are going to play in Springfield again today, Ben, Jake and I...and I plan to go to at least 1 of the 2 yarn shops there.
I stil have not heard a thing about the tech service job I have been trying to get for about a year now, tests done in April, interview done 2 weeks ago...patience, patience--not something I ahve much of. We are seeing very hot nights at work and I am trying to come up with a more comfortable way to dress. Being wrapped in blue plastic aprons makes for a long and sweaty night so loose and comfortable clothes are a must.
I think Jake and Ben both have had a good 2 weeks together, Jake has also been able to spend quality time with pal Kim, she was on days the first week and on vacation this past week. Of course my living room is gaming central, Ben's games and books have now grown to the point of taking over far too much space so I am going to have him buy the support brackets and put up a shelf here in living room for his collection. I have the shelf board and had planned to get it up eventually, set up high for my tins and dolls but will first have it become Ben's shelf.
The house is very warm, I did not get any work done on insulation in attic--again but have almost 3 full rolls of insulation to start the job up there. I am going to buy another small window air cond. from pal Nancy and put it in the north bedroom window for now. The air cond. in the kitchen window has seen 5 summers now and just isn't cooling enough for our current heat wave.
I am not sorry I became involved with Ray but do realize how expensive it was becoming. That is not the only reason I chose to step back, the most important reason was his attitude and treatment of me, I deserve better than to be yelled at and walked on, I know he has a lot of anger issues, had them for many years and none of them are my doing. I did enjoy the weekends up there, especially when both Bryon and Ben were living here.
The house is just too small for 2 adult sons and me to live and get along in, Bryon and I don't share as close a relationship as I do with Ben and Jake, he and I like each other far better with him living on his own a block away. So, my being able to escape up to Ray's every weekend helped Bryon and I get along here at my house until he was ready to move out, instead of me telling him to move out before I threw him out or murdered him.
But it's time to post this and get some breakfast cooked so sons and I can go play...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jake's Here!!

Off to Missouri yesterday to get Jake, camped overnight at 1000 Hills, and went to Havana before coming home, to take Jake to meet Ann and to catch Ray or leave hiim a note about the few things there I forgot and would like to get.
Jake is now off to visit Kim, Ben went down but came back while I was outside pulling sand burrs. I now have the water going outside, a much needed chore that has been terribly neglected for several months.
Jake has 2 weeks here this summer and I am sure we will all enjoy that, I am planning to set the tent up in the garden area and did some cleaning and raking an area so I can set it up. I don't want it on grass areas and kill out my grass, I don't have enough of that as it is and there aren't many places that I can set up my tent.
I think the house will be too full some times with both Ben and Jake and possibly Bryon stopping by, the tent will give me a place to retreat to and also sleeping place for Jake or myself.
I did the interview for the tech service job and now will fret about wether or not I get the job but I did the best I could, and I do feel I would be competent and hard working and reliable.
a net friend sent me some Anne sock yarn in a great purple so I have started it on 2mm needles but am not sure I like it yet. The color is great but the yarn feels really fine for those needles but I know socks on smaller needles go even slower than my normal slow...
Need to check my water and go bug Kim and Jake.