My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

construction delays and pain

sure have me dealing with depression now. I don't think it will last, and I do think the contractor will show up, know that there are delays and he's small, not a lot of crew. The heat issues are a huge problem for construction work, and we are not dropping much below 80 at nights right now so it's early when it's hard to work on roofs and such.
My foot is being miserable, as are my hands, and and knees and back, so my pain levels are high, and I am spending time on my bed resting instead of out in the garden or up in the attic with the wiring project. And I am working late right now, Barb is on vacation so I am staying to finish up.
I will get through this, the house will get a new roof, the dormer built and the spiral stair is now is shipping so it will be here before the dormer is built.
Finances are ok, I need to balance the checkbook, and I need to put some $$ on my lunch card at work but that means a trip somewhere, Save-A-Lot, Wal-Mart, but sure am not getting it done.
I am getting the laundry taken care of, and I will turn the water on when I get home tonight so that will help the garden out. And I will try and do better, and I will plan to go to Springfield Friday as need to get x-rays sent or on disk for my doctor appointemnt..
I will be ok, just takes time, and I hope to see work done soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Construction delays still

But the work on central air starts early Tuesday/tomorrow morning, and I hope the work on the roof and dormer start soon too. I have the dormer window in the living room, the pipe to make the soil stack outside, have started taking things off the shelves, my dolls and other stuff I collect, moved some stuff in the attic where the new dormer goes, moved the antique chest of drawers that was living between the kitchen door and the bathroom wall, where the dormer will be going, so now my house gets to become a worse and worse mess. No place to put things, no place to store things and no room here.
It will get worse before it gets better so the sooner it is started, the sooner I can start putting the house back in order, clean up all the dirt and dust that gets knocked loose, and start work up in the studio, wiring, insulation, subfloor, and the spiral stairs will be here in just a couple weeks.
I need to balance the bank account again, need to pay a few bills again, need to run some errands tomorrow or Wed. and I need to mow again.
I am making progress on the garden weeds, I am almost done with reweaving the cane back in my rocker, have cane ordered and it should be in shipping now, this time I ordered a full bundle so will finish up this chair and store the rest.
It's ok to be back at work, my vacation was frustrating at times because I expected to see work being done here, be doing some of that clean up, go back to work with a good start on the attic studio, the central air done and be planning out the future upstairs bathroom.
My life here is pretty good, I won't say it's perfect, there's a few rough spots, some things that go hard that I don't often mention or write about..but I keep finding a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or find a blessing amongst the rocks and thorns.
This house might not ever be finished, this place might always be a renovation in progress but it's my renovation, and my little corner of the world and it works for me. I make a point of making it work, and I put in the sweat equity and the dollars that it takes to make it work.
Morning will start early, know the dog will have my up early and the air cond guys will be here early too, by 7:30 or so if the message on the answering machine is right..oh, great, Julie gets the window units and I get windows I can see out of and a quieter house!!! Ya, I like that idea...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

construction delays here

Well, the air was to be done this week,now I expect them tomorrow, the contractor for roof and dormer was hoping to start here Monday, the 11th but first rain and now our heat wave has slowed him a week and he might be here Friday but the 18th is more likely.
I am on vacation this week, the rubbish bin is here now, I pouted yesterday after talking to my contractor and then curled up on Larry's couch and took a nap. It didn't change any thing much but I will do what I can this week, I can work on the wiring that needs done on both the north and south end walls, I can insulate those walls or at least get started on that. I can pull out some of the insulation that has gotten wet with the leaking roof problems and dispose of that. I can work to move some of my stuff stored up in that attic so it's more out of the way for the crew.
I can still work on the weeds in the garden, I will still have the mowing and watering to do and I still have Darrell's doctor appointment Thursday morning in Springfield as he is not to drive himself until after that appointment.
So, today Larry and did his blood work in Rushville, took cucumbers and beans to his sister, went to breakfast with her and husband, went to check out camp grounds in the area, went to Dot Foods, late lunch and came home and so from 8 am until after 3 p.m.I had Larry entertaining me.
Now I have picked the squash, sprayed the plum trees for the Japanese beetles and the squash for the squash bugs, looked at the tomatoes and paid my bike insurance bill.
I need to make a Wal-Mart run and also buy stamps so will do the stamps tomorrow as I have a letter with medical bills to send to State Farm, these should have been paid last month with the settlement and I bet they were but the accounts are not up to date. They were on the list of what was being paid out when we did the settlement paperwork.
I can buy some of what I need for the electrical work in the attic at Wal-Mart and get started with it instead of waiting until I go to Springfield, that will help me feel i am not totally wasting my vacation time.
I'm making knitting progress on Jake's socks but not on my purple sweater. I have to do the repairs on the old crochet bedspread I am sending to my aunt, she will enjoy it far more than I will and it was a great auction find.
I can also work on the caning replacement for the back of the rocker that was last summer's auction treasure. I have a lot of the materials needed so can start and order what I need, work until I run out and finish up after the materials come.
So, I don't need to pout or be screaming bored with my vacation. I might not be getting my new roof but I will be getting stuff done here that does need done.
Larry knows and laughs about the word 'relax' being my least favorite work in the English language.
Now it's not yet 5 p.m. and getting dark, so we might get some rain, it's needed and would help break the heat wave. My house is staying comfortable with what my kitchen window unit puts out but Larry's trailer gets miserable by afternoon and it's late at night before it really starts to cool off. Heart conditions do not tolerate real cold or hot and humid very well.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

3 Day weekend and it's hot and dry so far. ..

Larry and I went to a family reunion picnic yesterday, his mother's side and out rural in a tiny town that's slowly shrinking away. I did start the day with watering the garden and picking the green beans.
Today I tried on the way too large bike cover, I can alter it and for $20 including shipping I can make it fit, the cost was less than buying the fabric and making 1 from scratch. It's now marked and on my bed, I might get that done today, I can't be outside long working on the weeds as the heat index is already high and it's not 10 am yet.
I finally finished the pair of blue socks I have been working on for months, they are mine and not a priority. I am making very slow progress on the purple sweater, I have it done to the sleeves and they knit down from the shoulder. I think they are about 1/2 of the length they need to be so they have grown some but at 8-10 rows an inch I can knit a long time and not see any amount of progress on the sleeves. It will be done before it's cold enough to wear it.
Larry is working on my little blue bike again, he's not sure what the problem is but I think part is for his own entertainment, good thing I have the red bike to ride..
He will resolve it's problems, if needed I will order parts for it and he will get it back together and running.
So, next week the house gets air and I get price quotes for air/heat in the attic, the week after that I am on vacation while the work on the roof gets started.
It will allow the crew to work later as I won't have to leave for work and I will be on hand if needed and to help with daily clean up, and I will hopefully get some work done outside that has been put off too long. All the flowerbeds here need work so it's not just the garden that has a weed and grass problem I need to deal with.
But I am doing far better than I was this time last year. I am back at work, I have gained a lot more walking ability and I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH a very dishonest man who has huge financial problems, I am still getting calls from collection agencies looking for him. I also get them for my oldest son, the people who used to own this house and who ever had my cell phone ## before I got it, normal problem with pre-paid cell phones but part of the small annoyances in life.
But I hope that man in Utah gets his creditors to leave me alone, it's hard for me to have a good opinion or him with stuff like this happening several times a month.
Well, I need to head back out and deal with some more of those garden weeds as I have a lot out there I want done in the next few days