My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, July 03, 2011

3 Day weekend and it's hot and dry so far. ..

Larry and I went to a family reunion picnic yesterday, his mother's side and out rural in a tiny town that's slowly shrinking away. I did start the day with watering the garden and picking the green beans.
Today I tried on the way too large bike cover, I can alter it and for $20 including shipping I can make it fit, the cost was less than buying the fabric and making 1 from scratch. It's now marked and on my bed, I might get that done today, I can't be outside long working on the weeds as the heat index is already high and it's not 10 am yet.
I finally finished the pair of blue socks I have been working on for months, they are mine and not a priority. I am making very slow progress on the purple sweater, I have it done to the sleeves and they knit down from the shoulder. I think they are about 1/2 of the length they need to be so they have grown some but at 8-10 rows an inch I can knit a long time and not see any amount of progress on the sleeves. It will be done before it's cold enough to wear it.
Larry is working on my little blue bike again, he's not sure what the problem is but I think part is for his own entertainment, good thing I have the red bike to ride..
He will resolve it's problems, if needed I will order parts for it and he will get it back together and running.
So, next week the house gets air and I get price quotes for air/heat in the attic, the week after that I am on vacation while the work on the roof gets started.
It will allow the crew to work later as I won't have to leave for work and I will be on hand if needed and to help with daily clean up, and I will hopefully get some work done outside that has been put off too long. All the flowerbeds here need work so it's not just the garden that has a weed and grass problem I need to deal with.
But I am doing far better than I was this time last year. I am back at work, I have gained a lot more walking ability and I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH a very dishonest man who has huge financial problems, I am still getting calls from collection agencies looking for him. I also get them for my oldest son, the people who used to own this house and who ever had my cell phone ## before I got it, normal problem with pre-paid cell phones but part of the small annoyances in life.
But I hope that man in Utah gets his creditors to leave me alone, it's hard for me to have a good opinion or him with stuff like this happening several times a month.
Well, I need to head back out and deal with some more of those garden weeds as I have a lot out there I want done in the next few days


Chloe said...

I used to get calls from not-my-creditors, too. After about 100 calls, I started telling the callers that X was in Korea/Afghanistan/Iraq/or one of those states that start with an I. I'd tell them whatever popped into my head. Once, I told the female caller to stop chasing my husband. After a while, the calls stopped coming, but they were a big pain when they were coming in all day long.

Maggie said...

the people I bought this house from, the oldest son, an x, the guy I dated...and my cell pone gets the people who had that number last.
If it's humans I talk to them and hope they quit calling, but I just hand up on computer generated calls of any kind..
But I know that guy who lied about some big financial issues was reading my blog, so I post it here and maybe he will get it dealt with.. Or maybe he will feel I am picking on him..and it's not his fault.
No one is getting a dime out of me for debts that are not mine, and calls are annoying at times but it's a small annoyance, the man is not important enough to be a big annoyance...

Chloe said...

If you know current numbers, I'd tell the callers.
I used to get calls for Irene. I got her number when I moved. I made the attempt to call the creditor and let them know Irene no longer HAD that number. They acted like I was a liar; told me all what I needed to do...duh, I told them I just wouldn't bother returning or answering their calls. Their fingers could just fall off as far as I was concerned.