My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Blue Day

I am having a blue day, no reason so will blame body chemical balance, makes as good a reason as any other one.
Work is going ok, weather has improved, I have gotten some outside work done, finally cleaned out the front north flower bed and moved some day lily shoots there, still a problem finding any plants that will thrive and grow well in that shady corner and will battle the tree roots from the neighbor's tree at that corner.
Jake's sweater is making some progress, and so is the seed I scattered in the back lawn, new grass is coming in and I am hand pulling weeds, a few here, a few there which helps the grass grow.
I need to gather up a load of laundry soon and get it done, need to plan out this Friday's bills to get paid, need to do some cleaning and moving stuff up in the attic so the little love seat has a place to go when I get it paid off Friday and picked up.
I behaved really well with our doll club annual trip down south this past Sunday, gas in the truck, meal out and a small chest of drawers, 2 pair of shoes for Zellie kept my finances in good order, no huge splurges, no putting stuff on my credit card, no buying myself a doll that later I wish I had not put on my credit card.
Now, I need to plan out and make Zellie outfits to go with those new shoes, a pair in pink and a pair in green.  I have plenty of fabrics so just need to hunt through the stash.
Think I have managed to drop a couple of pounds, not very many but enough that work pants are not as snug and I am feeling more healthy, most of the time, being a bit more active.  And today is the first day in several weeks that I woke up feeling stressed and blue.  So, I know, despite today's moodiness, I have made good progress and life is stable for me.