My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, July 08, 2013

So, now that I am 57

Life doesn't look much different than it did last week, LOL.  But the 16x16 pavers son Jake paid for and I set added some length to my little back patio, it's my bike parking pad.  And I sat out there yesterday afternoon, in the shade and knit some on Jake's sweater which is almost done.
My newest ride is a Honda Rebel that needs a bit of maint. work and the carburetor and I are not exactly good friends yet.
I am signed up for the state supported motorcycle safety course and start that in less than 2 weeks, 1 evening and 2 full days in Springfield, and I was able to get in the class on a Friday I am already in Springfield for some medical stuff and have a paid vacation day set up for that.
I sold the red Passport and that paid off what I owed on the Metro and put some on the debt against the Rebel, looks like I keep finding ways to stay in debt.
Working on some head issues and attitude issues, work related for the most part and my problem, not theirs. I need to spend some time re-reading a few good books that have, in the past, helped me get my head and my life on a track that I like and can live with.
I currently have a time change when I start work and will be interesting to see how that works out, know it gives me more day time at home to get things done here, if I choose to use the time.  Today I am baking bread but once the bike parts come, it might mean I can remove that carb, get it cleaned so the float does not stick, back together and back on that bike. 
Huge battle there to get it off and back on and tight fit, problems with damaging the gasket between carb and manifold so have 2 of those coming, know I will be needing at least 1 and hope the 2nd is a good luck charm so everything works right this time and I have this baby running and can try her out.
The last bike of this size had the same engine and transmission but different frame, and bought new, never in the years I had the Nighthawk were there any problems.  But I also did take care of it, never left the gas sit and get old and going into the carb to foul it up.  I have a good book on the Rebel, and a great on line forum for help, and know I will be able to take good care of this little bike and keep it running and enjoy it for years.
Jake has no interest in bikes and Ben is not living here and NOT allowed to ride my bikes any longer, he can, if need be, use my truck, very short term/short drives, but I am not allowing him to run my scooter or the new bike.
I will have to add a few photos but need to take them with something besides my iPad or iTouch as they and this blog don't seem to get along, or I have not yet figured out how to make them work together.