My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Changing employers

     Thursday was the last production day for Cargill Meat Solutions, Monday we go to work for JBS and an hour later than our normal start time.  I have done some of the needed stuff with my Cargill Pension and with my 401K plans so at least that is started.
     Yesterday I picked up my new Arizona boot, that brace I wear.  The new one is full base, not the full foot I expected and that had to be cut back some and the tongue of the brace was way too wide so Hanger changed that and the brace and I went to walk in the Mall and see if there were any fit/pain issues that developed with walking.  I did ok and picked up some bright pink laces for it.
     We are having a cool and wet weekend so far, I am hiding in my attic sewing space and did get another doll dress done.  Tomorrow I will work on making a new bodice pattern for my Wiggs Nelly body and a dress for Laryssa, probably the fall fabric I picked up at JoAnn's Friday.  I might try and sell some of my work at the doll convention in St. Louis I am attending in 2 weeks.  But for now, I am working with making some pattern pieces that will allow me to create several styles for the dolls.
     I worked with updating the music in my devices last weekend and with the new laptop to remove Microsoft apps I did not want and to set some things to suit me.  Now, all the removable memory is in the laptop bag except the portable drive, and I am working on getting my bookmarks and stuff set up, a little at a time. but
     I did go to Best Buy while I was in town and looked at a lot of things there, the newest iPad is not in stock yet, the Pro which is bigger than I want, I like my Nexus 7, and I like my iPad 3, but am looking to replace it with the newest version in the same size, with bigger hard drive.  I had hoped to see a new release in that 'classic' or original size but they released another mini and the Pro.  I like the physical size I have but know with my luck Apple will put out a newer and better version within 2 months of my buying the most current model out.
    But life here is quiet, or is most of the time, Shadow whines, the parrots do their loud and annoying noises, especially if I try and use the phone but life is calm and I am content.   The bill are getting paid on time,, there is food in the house and no one is driving me crazy.
     I did check my credit rating on line tonight and it is excellent, and I have worked to get it there.  I am hoping to make good progress on paying down the credit debt this winter and on the attic work.  It would be nice to get all the drywall up in both the north sewing area and the south retreat area. 
     Not a lot to say, I work, and do dishes, cook some, read, knit and sew, and like the quiet life and not having a dating relationship.  It has been years now since I had a significant relationship, some dating that never got very important since Miguel returned to Mexico and for close to 2 years now, I have not even been dating. 
     I do think or day dream about men from the past, long ago past, and hope they have or had a good life, it is ok to build day dreams while I work, makes the time and job go faster but I know it is jut silly entertainment to get through the work shift.  I am not the scared and messed up young woman I was back then, back in South Carolina, and I am so glad I made it to where I am now with so little damage.  It took me a very long time to become capable or running my own life, of knowing I was capable of far more than anyone ever believed I could do or become. 
     I like this very independent and stable me, and I work hard to be this woman I have become.  And I paid the price for all those hard lessons.  I know others don't understand, not a problem, it is not their life, it is mine and I am doing just fine taking care of it MY way.
     I am looking forward to the adjustment to a new company in the same plant, doing the same job, at least for now.  I know we will keep fighting with the old scald tank and the old dehair machine but maybe there will be more effort to keep the people who should monitor those things to be doing their job so we have less problems with our jobs down the line but I don't expect any huge changes or improvements any time soon.
    Now, back to the book I am reading and think about getting to bed,

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Sunday progress

     I got with the house cleaning, some was done upstairs yesterday but today I worked in the downstairs bedroom and hauled out 3 bags to the trash, the small book shelves belonging to Jake are now out of there and stored out if my way, the radial arm saw is clean and I used it this weekend to cut the wood bases for the doll clothing racks that will be my presentation at the doll club meeting this next Sunday.  The belt sander and the band saw are back under the house, my big wood equipment moved to the living room when we worried about flooding and I am working on getting it back there or up for sale or donated, depending on what is is and why.
     I do have the radial arm saw up for sale now, posted on 2 Facebook groups for that, will see what happens.  I told Ben I am willing to consider turning that bedroom into a wood shop and winter bike garage if the saw does not sell at my very reasonable price.  I want to move down to the bedroom but I can really see me making a bike and play with wood area out of it for a few years also.  I know me.
     And I can finally get into the Cargill benefits site and register, I cannot pull up the pension plan information but at least the site will let me register.  The company is holding meetings for us this coming Tuesday for pension information and I will make the one after I get off work.  They actually have a 3 day schedule but since I need to start looking into what I can do and make a decision, based on what I feel is my best long term choice, the sooner I have information, the sooner I can start some number crunching and shoving and look at the long term effect of each choice I will have so I can hopefully choose the one that has the best chance of making my long term life better.
     I will be able to roll over my 401K plans, and hope to take the 2 pre tax ones and combine them.  I do not want to see the smaller 1 cashed out, with the taxes and penalty that goes with that choice if it can be put with the the other 1 and keep growing.
     And I might see the Kaye Wiggs doll that I paid for and preordered this past January with some of my tax refund some time this month.  I had thought I might get some sewing done for her but have not had the time this weekend.  But my sewing space is much closer to being a usable area once again and that is a huge step in the right direction.
     The current socks are for Ben, his red yarn from last tax refund yarn stash buy and I am to the heels on both, 1 has the heel picked up and ready to work and I hope before I go to bed to get the second 1 to that place but it will probably be tomorrow or later.