My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Petty annoyances in life

Lately there seem to be far too many small and petty annoyances in my world, most of them are work related or at work.  From the overtime opportunities in my department belonging to just one person to    a lead who does not engage her brain sometimes and who thinks there are magic elves who do part of my work so I can help with every one else work.
So, the person with the late punch in time gets most of the overtime in our dept., not a normal Cargill set up but something that I cannot get changed at this time, no rotation and no getting the overtime opportunities more equally shared.
And my lead does not listen well, does tell me to go do something and then is not happy with the results of that.oh, well, life is not perfect, neither am I, and I just have no desire to be a very good team player at this time.
But I come home to my house, to my attic nest and my little world and shut out all the ugly and mean people for a little while, they and the issues will be there to fight with another day.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Making Progress here

Upstairs/attic bathroom is framed in except for the door wall, and some of the drywall is on, it is currently very needed storage area for construction tools, and I have the entire attic for my space.
Jake is home, he and Kris had a great time for almost 2 weeks and then he returned her to her home and came back to start all that 'civilian life' stuff he needs to do.
Ben moved in with pals about 4 blocks north and all or most of his stuff here is stored in the utility area for now, and tidy enough to suit me.  It is a very limited space so tidy means a lot.
Jake has helped me with some cleaning and organizing in the kitchen and we are starting now in the living room, it is great to have good help, and the house is making progress.  I am storing stuff that should have been stored long ago, I don't use the electric wok right now and I do not need 2 small roaster pans in the kitchen or the mini muffin pans I never use.
Kid loves having Jake here but is not sure what all the moving things and cleaning is about but is learning to get out of the way fast.  Both Jake and Ben have worked with him some, he will now lay down on command, once he is sure you mean it, LOL, and Jake takes him for long walks and runs which they both love.
Today Jake is headed out to his first job interview at Job Services, one in Timewell where they make tile and tubing for drainage.  He is nervous but will do ok, and he needs to practice with that stuff so even if he does not get or want the job, he needs to start doing these things.
I am working on getting finances back in order and working on the attic order, stuff moves up there and then I deal with it as I can and have time, and the birds now are up there and adjusting to the change.
My week of vacation was good, 5 days spent camping at Spring Lake, and then 2 days alone here to tidy, lazy and just enjoy my place.
It is turning cooler and Jake has done a lot of the outside clean up for me, we will soon be scattering more grass seed and then watering every day so it has a chance to start before it's freezing.  I do want to get starts for buffalo grass and also some basin wild rye plants and hope I can afford them before it's too cold to plant them and also hope to get more hedge roses for my privacy along 12th Street and the south side of my house, it would be nice to have a taller and thicker hedge so when the curtains are open I feel more private in my own home.
Larry is feeling better most of the time now that it is cooler, that is nice for both of us.  He now has no neighbor problems on the west side as the 2 lots and trailers have been purchased by someone who is having the property turned back to empty space and removing the rental tenant problem.
Jake does most of the dishes here and is now working on practicing some crock pot cooking, it's nice as I get to eat and don't have to cook as much.  We also have the sour dough jar going so have pancakes every morning for breakfast, and that too is nice.