My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Sunday progress

     I got with the house cleaning, some was done upstairs yesterday but today I worked in the downstairs bedroom and hauled out 3 bags to the trash, the small book shelves belonging to Jake are now out of there and stored out if my way, the radial arm saw is clean and I used it this weekend to cut the wood bases for the doll clothing racks that will be my presentation at the doll club meeting this next Sunday.  The belt sander and the band saw are back under the house, my big wood equipment moved to the living room when we worried about flooding and I am working on getting it back there or up for sale or donated, depending on what is is and why.
     I do have the radial arm saw up for sale now, posted on 2 Facebook groups for that, will see what happens.  I told Ben I am willing to consider turning that bedroom into a wood shop and winter bike garage if the saw does not sell at my very reasonable price.  I want to move down to the bedroom but I can really see me making a bike and play with wood area out of it for a few years also.  I know me.
     And I can finally get into the Cargill benefits site and register, I cannot pull up the pension plan information but at least the site will let me register.  The company is holding meetings for us this coming Tuesday for pension information and I will make the one after I get off work.  They actually have a 3 day schedule but since I need to start looking into what I can do and make a decision, based on what I feel is my best long term choice, the sooner I have information, the sooner I can start some number crunching and shoving and look at the long term effect of each choice I will have so I can hopefully choose the one that has the best chance of making my long term life better.
     I will be able to roll over my 401K plans, and hope to take the 2 pre tax ones and combine them.  I do not want to see the smaller 1 cashed out, with the taxes and penalty that goes with that choice if it can be put with the the other 1 and keep growing.
     And I might see the Kaye Wiggs doll that I paid for and preordered this past January with some of my tax refund some time this month.  I had thought I might get some sewing done for her but have not had the time this weekend.  But my sewing space is much closer to being a usable area once again and that is a huge step in the right direction.
     The current socks are for Ben, his red yarn from last tax refund yarn stash buy and I am to the heels on both, 1 has the heel picked up and ready to work and I hope before I go to bed to get the second 1 to that place but it will probably be tomorrow or later.

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