My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Time to 'clean house'

The storm has come and gone, it's bitter cold outside but the roads are safe to drive..I am going to get Ben's gal-pal safely to her home in Rushville..he can go too if he wants. He can stay there if he wants--but I will have at least 1 less human in this house before noon..
I might end up being called in so will have to get the humans up and moving soon...and they are not morning people..too bad...she needs to get home and I need fewer humans in this small house before my attitude gets Nasty.
I so want to be living alone, Ben out and just people who visit and for short visits. I have plenty of 'social' at work..and I have friends, and the internet. I don't need humans living here with me.
I also do not need phone calls from creditors looking for other people, but it happens. Does let me know that person has unpaid bills that they are not being responsible for. And I am not responsible for so not my problem. I have plenty of my own problems and responsibilities here.
I do have the heat turned down, lower than I am comfortable with but not willing to heat or feed those adults staying here more than I have to...but I do understand she needed to deal with her car, they were at the store Saturday when car developed problems and it could be the timing belt. Car could not be moved and she needed here to get it to shop. And then the storm came in, so can't blame anyone for the tiny house with too many humans problem. It just happened..but I can get her safely home this am, I can get house a bit more tidy, my x-box back in my room, the son can tidy up what mess/disorder he is responsible for and maybe I will like my day off tomorrow..
It's a small paycheck due to the day off sick last week, and the next 1 will be short unless I am called in today, I only worked 4+ hours yesterday, but at least I did work those hours. I could have stayed longer but the computer there was being 'glitchie' so that made receiving a battle and most of maint had called in so not much demand for parts from supply..time to pack it up, lock the door, turn in the keys and get home...
I need to motivate me and then the humans in the living's almost 9 already and I need to Rushville and back before noon..


Chloe said...

Oh, when the creditors call for strangers to me, I'll tell them about anything that pops into my head.
Once, when I lived in LA, we had just moved to a new house and the previous "owner" of our phone number owed money all over town. They left a million messages. SO one day, I called one of the creditors to let them know that Irene didn't have the number anymore. First they told me I needed to call XYZ. Then they told me I needed to ZYX. I told them I was only calling to let them know Irene not longer HAD this number.

Then the questions started.
Where was she? Where was she living? Working? Did I have any contact numbers for her? Did I want to pay part of her debt, you know, to make it right?

I finally hung up and that was the last foolish time I ever tried to help one of her creditors. After that, I just told them she had run off to Yeman.

Maggie said...

Oh, this was not the same, LOL, this was verizon calling for that truck driver in the southwest. He must be doing well with managing his finances....ya, I am very glad I figured out many months ago things with him and financial issues did not add up.
Pre-paid cell phones have call problems too but I ignore all calls from anyone who is not in my phone directory.
At least it entertains me some..I have a mean sense of humor