My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A long and wet month.

But the garden is in, or most of it is in and up, most of the pampas grass roots I pulled from my established plants have started growing, only 1 along the south berm has not started growing and it will be easy to replace.
The hosta I divided seems to be doing well, so the north side of my lot is slowly improving and I have been working to find and remove all the tree seedlings that need pulled before they get so big I have to dig them out.
Larry's pacemaker surgery went well and early so that was good for him and those of us sitting and waiting. They put a cot in his room for me so I was handy through the night if/when he needed something. And the process of getting him released went faster than we expected, we were in the truck and heading home before 11:30 am.
I took loads of snacks, lots of knitting, my Kindle, my smallest Ipod, my latest hardback, tea bags and 1 of my traveling cups so I was stocked for the long wait and the stay overnight.
It's stayed cool and a lot of rain, but only 1 frost since I planted the garden. Things are not growing much but at least they are growing, I still need to buy and plant the more tender plants like tomatoes and squash, cucumbers but will be buying the plants soon.
I am waiting for my doll from the Kish club, I joined this year once I have my tax return. The dolls were expected in Feb. but didn't arrive in Denver until mid month April, and have been shipped out but mine has not gotten here and I don't have a tracking number or know if it's been shipped or with who.
I still don't have a settlement with State Farm but think they do have all the medical bills now and I will write them and ask for a date/appointment so we can get this moving on. It will be good to get it behind me and also know all the medical providers are paid.
Larry's daughter and son were there with me, at least until he was well settled in his room, it's the first time I have spent any time with them, I don't know them well and we all have such busy lives, they visit him on their way home from work here in town, and when I'm not around.
They don't object to him having a life, but this dating/girlfriend is very big change for adult kids to adjust to, they got along well with his wife, didn't want him alone and lonely after she passed away but he's not been a single and dating man since they were kids.
I have 2 days off coming up, and then will be working 12-13 days in a row while Anthony is on vacation and working alone most of those shifts. Know my foot will be hurting and miserable but will tough it out, Anthony worked for me Monday so I could be with Larry and worked alone yesterday so I could have that off too.
I am still watching bids posted and looking to bid to something that my foot will tolerate better but not holding my breath.

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