My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Cool and windy today

And we had hard rains again in the night but house stays dry now and that is such a huge and great change. I can sure tell I am not done with insulation work in the attic today, it's usually warm up here and today it's not and I do have heat going. But I will get a bit more work done, did buy new blades for the circular saw at Wal-Mart on the way home after work and picked up some more stuff from the storage unit. Part is still in the truck. I don't think Ben got by last night to update things on Jake's X-Box so it will play music with my I-pod and I wanted that done, guess he won't be using vehicles here if he can't do something small like that for me. And since his borrow my truck yesterday was to take housemate to work early, did not put gas in my truck and that is going up in cost, at least 15 cents higher than it was when I got off work Monday, I am not thrilled about his using my wheels or Jake's which I am supporting and responsible for while he is gone. Work has some drawbacks, I am being pushed to do more and faster by the new lead, and I do like her but I am not going to be able to get everything done and done early, it's just not possible and if she's trying to cut on the payroll, then she needs to look at who is doing the most overtime and how she can deal with that person 'padding' her paycheck with staying late. She's the 1 who finishes up and there is no one to see that she does her work in a timely manor. . . ya, there is a huge reason she takes home between $100-200+ more than any of the rest of us every week... But, for the most part I am content with my life, date a good man and we have plans for Thanksgiving and back up plans just in case we don't want to be out on the roads. He's probably cussing this wind and temps getting colder, makes him hurt more, heck it makes most of us hurt more. But we both have a place to live, money to pay our bills, like our lives, and manage to be ok with how life goes that we can't change and take care of what needs taken care of. I will spend time putting time in here in the attic on work that needs done and down stairs, get the house into better order and more comfortable to live in. This attic space is giving me over 500 more square feet of very usable space and in time will give me a second bathroom too. My down stairs will get less crowded and easier to keep clean and in better order, some changes down there will improve air flow through the house and help make the furnace and central air more efficient By summer I will have a good window blanket blind made for both the east window and the south so the sun doesn't cook this attic space. By summer I should have a bathroom up here in the attic and have ceiling in the laundry area done and a lot more stuff taken care of. I am doing better this winter than I was last winter, am having less pain with my foot/leg and taking less for pain. My life is calmer and more settled, my finances are more stable and my house is sure in better condition with that new roof finally done. Last fall this time I was just adjusting to being back at work, facing a long and hard winter and dealing with the emotional issues that both the accident and an unwise relationship brought into my life. Now I am moving forward with my life, making it work for me and meet my needs and wants. I have grown stronger and more capable, for the most part and have been working on cleaning up the messes the past has made in my life and in my head. And it's time to get busy with work in the attic, got that circular saw a new plywood blade and need to put it to work.


Chloe said...

It drives me INSANE when I ask my grown children 100 times to do something. The both live with me...daughter is going to school full time 45 miles from home, works full time 90 miles from home in a prison, works the Rape Crisis line and is trying to carry on a romance with a really nice guy. My son is schizophrenic and living at home is the best for him. My husband has been sick for a year and a half and is having yet another surgery in the next two weeks.
ALL I WANT IS A LITTLE HELP...and after I ask 100 times, I'll get it. But gosh, I sure hate asking 100 times without stating to shriek and go insane.
No wonder my father used to threaten to blow our house up with dynamite.
I think you are doing a great job, one step at a time. You have a ton more energy than I do. I think that is an effect of having a guy living somewhere else, as opposed to a husband who is underfoot day and night.
IMO, there are some people who have no business being married and I think I'm on of them.
I think you are doing great.
And my kids will dump as much responsibility in my lap as possible.

Makes me wish I drank.

Maggie said...

#2 son can find his way here to borrow vehicle, eat food, use washer but can't find the way here to lend a hand very often or return borrowed tools in a Mom-timely manor.
I am making slow progress, but that is better than no progress and I put in 40+ hour work weeks with a very badly damaged foot, and am on that foot all shift, lots of walking/moving with my job.
You would think that boy would look, really look and see how hard his mom really has it, and do a bit to help make her life a bit easier...