My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, July 23, 2012

hot, dry, busy, July

We are breaking heat records here but a lot of areas are doing that, I water so I have grass to mow instead of tall weeds to clip off, a few scattered weeds do not hold down my sand and silt, worth the gas and time to mow to have something growing, at least until I ahve to pay for water by the gallon.
#2 son is back here, working day shift so that works well other than he is not into mornings and has some problems waking up well.  This is his 4th week so is improving and the dog helps, he wants out early for bathroom call so makes sure some human here gets up to let him out.
This Friday I finally have small claims court with the blasted roof contractor from last summer and we have 1 out on vacation for 2 weeks, had 1 out all the prior week so by the time we are all back at work I know I will be beat and ready for some down time.
Finances are ok, not great but staying workable, I still nave not gotten new tires for the Passport and it needs tubes and the rim liners also but think I will order and pay for part of that list and then the next, break it up over several paychecks so it works better.  The tires are 30+ years old so I sure don't feel bad about needing to replace them.
It has been too hot for Larry to want to go camping so I get other stuff done on my weekends, like the weeds and grass in the front flower beds and some time with the gal friends.  Sharon is starting her first sock and Julie has plans to learn to knit lace and her first lace scarf or shawl.  I spend time today finding free patterns on line for that and now really need printer ink so it's on my list for this coming paycheck.
My Summer Solstice Mystery shawl is making slow progress, I had socks for Julie that I wanted done and they now are, and a pair for Larry that I have been working on some, simple knitting that I can do while reading or watching a movie on tv.
Central air is great, attic space is hot but once the area has drywall or paneling that will improve, lower level is good with air set at 77 and utility bill this time is the same as last year this time with 5 degrees hotter and more area I am cooling so think that is really good. 
I do not miss having window units running, it is so much quieter and more of the house comfortable, well worth the cost last summer and it will keep being a huge improvement for life in this old house.
I have some stuff I need to do for Jake and make up a packet to ship off to him, will probably break down and buy printer ink before the weekend so I can get that done and off my 'to do' list here.
Pain levels have been very low, most of the time or the hands hurt more than the ankle and leg so it doesn't seem bad at all.  The brace has made a huge difference in my ability to work and my quality of life.
So, off to get a few things done before I start getting ready for work.

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