My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

House invasion all too soon

I am really glad to have Jake coming home, I just expected him to return in mid-September, not the end of Aug., and my long list of old house stuff is not even started, Ben is living in the attic space and there are no funds for materials, no time for the work on that list.
We will manage to survive it, and maybe Jake can be carpenter help for some of that work in the attic, and we will figure out who sleeps where and whose stuff goes where.
Ben is working and has a paycheck and works days, I am working and 2nd shift so that has worked out well, Jake will be busy too so that should help, it is a very small house with a lot more work needing done, not enough space and way too much stuff for the amount of space.
But I will make some progress on something in the next couple weeks, even if it only means getting some clothes thinned out, some cleaning done, we will survive, we will thrive and we will be glad to have Jake home and Kris to visit.
And in the meantime, I have a busy week with a committed weekend so no time for much progress on the house projects today, but I will get something accomplished before heading to work. 
And the dog is not feeling well, he up-chucked all over the house last night, I cleaned up on the ground level, kitchen, my bedroom, the bathroom but didn't know he also got the floor in my sewing space in the attic so that got dealt with this morning early while Ben was getting ready for work.  I don't know what he has eaten or done but he's sure not wanting much to eat today and is napping, not ready to run out the door every time I get close, that is a change but I don't want to run out and walk around the house every few minutes so I can be ok with the resting dog stuff.
Work is ok, glad to have all 5 of us there this week, no overtime and my old and hurting body is glad of that, extra money in the paycheck is great but i sure gain a lot of pain also and then get less done here at the house and sleep badly.
It is also rag weed season and meds for that make me moody, sad, easily irritated and will be talking to pharmacy about something over the counter instead of doctor appointment to get renewal of the prescription medication and hope for less side effects and same or less costs.  Insurance is good but I am still working on paying my yearly deductible so would see a $40-50 bill to pay and part of the meds costs.  Ya, over the counter should work this year.  With our heat and drought the weeds have not flourished either so that does help some.

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