My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doll sewing is making progress

I am working on small, 10" Tonner child doll dresses, Ann Estelle and such as I have a doll club Christmas party and gift exchange coming very soon and the dog does not sew.  Nor do the parrots or Jake so that leaves me.
So, after work, after walking Shadow, feeding Shadow, getting work boots and leg brace off, having a cup of tea and checking my e-mail and Facebook, I am off to the attic studio and my sewing projects.
Since I also have dolls of this size I cut out in sets of 2, 1 for the gift box and 1 for my dolls, unless I trade or sell it.
Monday was a write off due to pain but I am making better progress every night since then, and getting dishes done more often, laundry caught up, doing some real cooking.  I might get to really like this working day shift stuff, I might actually join the human world once again.
I know it is a lot less stress right now than the past couple months in the frock room and I am not missing the stress.  Money will be tight for several weeks but not impossible and I know I am happier and feel better on the harvest/kill floor where it is warm than I do working 8 or more hours per shift in the cold on the cut floor.
We are having rains, today walking out from the plant to my truck I thought about Ireland, if I had been walking there I would have said we were having soft weather.  Not a hard rain and no wind, not too cold with just my lightweight fleece jacket on.  
And I though how blessed I really am, a job I can like going to every day, a home I like coming home to every day, people that matter and that I am important to in my life.  3 loud birds that care about me in their way and this new pup, coming on 6 months old and often wild, into things, creating a mess but he loves me too, and he depends on me.  Jake named him Shadow and it is a good name, he likes to be our shadow, and like a shadow, he is underfoot some of the time.
Jake is at class, he has evening class on Thursday nights so it is just me, Shadow and the birds, no music going and no loud tv either.  Not many of my evenings home are this quiet so I am going to enjoy and appreciate this one.  And go play dolly dressmaker for a little while before tucking myself into bed once again.

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