My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Vacation and plans

     Like normal, my vacation week is here, and I thought, for some strange reason it was the 3rd week of this month.  So, I am not exactly prepared.
     I have 3 workshops planned at but since the first was yesterday, and I was there and somewhat prepared but no one showed up, I worked on weeding, hauling and then gathered dried bean pods to shell and put the dry beans in a jar for next year's planting, the not dry enough ones on a tray when I need to sort and put in storage jars next chance I get.
     Today's plans are for installing the support under the west side of my floor joices as the west sill plate is rotting away from the too high concrete pour, done many years ago, on the front porch.
     Since it is raining, that project is on hold but the 2x8 pressure treated lumber is marked for cutting, and I will start putting the floor jacks together, they are adjustable, 2 pieces and a long bolt to put together.  And I can put the plates on the 2x6 boards that will run below the joices for their support.  So, once it is dry enough to cut lumber outside, and I can start working, I will see if I can get my help to show up.  I will deal with the sill plate problem later, the first part is getting the support in and then start slowly raising that west side a very tiny bit at a time.
     I have hopes to run to Springfield on the Rebel tomorrow for some personal business I want done, and I hope to play a bit.  I know finances are tight, and I don’t have any amount of play money but I can afford gas in the Rebel and a meal out. 
     And I will get the lumber for today's project set up so the job goes faster.  The boys have been here, and will be back later. 
     Shadow thinks he is neglected and is pestering me, whining and being a brat.  I don't think rainy days suit him, nor does my using the laptop in the living room, knitting, eating, or anything else.

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