My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, June 24, 2016

New Rides

     Last Saturday I took some old roads down to St. Louis, new rides for me and the trip down on the Rebel was to look at new rides also, at the Europen bike shop, I am trading in the Metro for a Vespa, bigger, a bit faster, and I can afford the payments.
     I might have a local buyer for the Metro, we shook hands on a firm price, paid in cash today but the man has tried, again to get me to agree to a lower price than the 1 we shook hands on, that will not happen and I have no problems trading the Metro in on the new Vespa, bike shop has no problem with that either so truck is ready to go down, and the Metro is ready to load.
     That sort of stuff annoys me, I do not do it to others, once a price is agreed on, I pay that or I don't buy, if I cannot afford something, I accept that I don't get the item, and if I am not willing to pay their bottom price, I accept that they have that right, and since my original price for the Metro was below book, dropping it 20% was a very good deal and the man knows it, and can afford it but thinks he can push me to accept a lower price.  NO, and no I am not telling him what the bike shop will give for trade in, it is none of his business, if he wants my Metro, he can pay the agreed price, and I will not mess around after work, bike shop needs to know before closing today, that is 6:00 so I will be calling before then and loading the scooter by then.  
     And stuff like that is why trading it in is so much easier, and no one coming back, after they mess up the little machine and wanting their money back cuz the ruined the little scooter...

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