My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marines and boxes from home

That Marine called while I was out and left a message, he did receive his most recent box and was very happy to have his PSP and it's games and appreciated the cookies that came with it---but did I Have to decorate the outside of the shipping box? Of course the answer to that question is YES! I get great pleasure from decorating/labeling those boxes, I have no doubt he gets plenty of attention from it but he is a Marine, he can handle a bit of flack..and it's that Mom love thing..I may love him but I also have to bug him just a's the Mom job.
the garden is growing, the weeds and I are battling, I am enjoying a day off work and am even being productive. The laundry will be caught up, the dishes will be done, there will be food cooked in this house...and I am enjoying my day.
But I did not enjoy the dental appointment, that needed bi-annual cleaning stuff and I got an estimate on the crowns I would like to have done and the office will submit it to the insurance company, and I set up appointments for the work, Aug and Sept. so hopefully I can afford to have to work done then. Budget is tight but I will see how things go.
I am getting some overtime at work, I am still glad I have the job and won't let the people with attitude drive me out. I do my share of mistakes, my share of work and then some and I love my job, even on the bad days or with working 19 days in a row.
The dating Casey thing is going well, he seems to be very keepable, and wants kept. He did get a trucker job on the cut floor and the hours are better for us, I still work every weekend, but at least our start times during the week are the same or almost and we get off at a lot closer to the same time.
I have no idea what sons #1 and 2 are doing, they have to live their own lives, I am busy living and enjoying mine. And I do enjoy my life, not having Ben live here is great. Dating a guy who is tidy and responsible is terrific, the weather warming up is very nice, and I have a better watering system this year for my garden and back plantings/yard.
I need to work in the front beds some, still have to remove the dead lavender plants and that should have been done weeks ago. I will do it today or so I tell myself.
And I need to plan to make cookies for that Marine, need some nice colored markers for decorating his box too- -yes, I am that sort of Mommy person....and he knows me. . .
the Tonner convention is getting closer, I did order a dress that I hope will look good on me and be suitable for that very dressy dinner we have on Saturday night...
guess I better go check my watering project and scatter the seeds I bought for the south back flower bed.

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