My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, April 16, 2010

13 weeks and still counting...

Saw my dr. on the 13th, no surgery at this time. I learn to walk again, get into therapy, start using cane instead of walker, and find some sort of shoes I can wear.
Ok, got the cane, am rarely using the walker, have 15 pair of shoes I can never again wear..and 1 pair of roller skates. The right foot is several centimeters wider at the heel than the left foot. Very small amount of that is swelling. The heel bone was spread out and now I adjust to what I have for a right foot.
Walking is creating a huge amount of pain, the heel is not even level so that means foot twists and puts strain on leg bone, knee, hip and even my back.
I will never have the old 'normal' back. No buying a pair of normal shoes, no expecting normal walking..not even sure what will be done about work boots but have cried over the shoe issue today.
I feel like the nightmare just won't end, like Mark Young hops out of his grave to slap me into a ditch over and over..and my foot now hurts alot, all the time.. I do know things will improve some with time. But Tuesday was hard and the days seem to just get harder.
The weather has cooled off today too. I should have worked on getting my garden raked and start planting but instead cried, dug out my shoes I know I can't wear and took a photo, cried some more..I want my old, normal life back, my normal walk and normal foot. And that will never happen..other people have had to deal with far worse things than I have..I can get through this but sure have a lot of problems with it today.
Will take something for pain before I go to bed, have the walker handy as I have found I just can't be sure of walking, with the cane or without to get to the bathroom in he night..that too sucks...