My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, April 11, 2010

12 Weeks and still a long way to go. . .

I am making progress, no cast, the black support boot and walker, pressure sore is healing up, I am gaining some. There is bone that will have to be removed on the outside edge of my foot, just below the ankle joint, it's slowly growing, piece or pieces of the heel bone that got shoved up at an angle or so it appears to me. Pain is managable most of the time.
It's getting warmer and green, the plum trees are leafing out, they bloomed and the weather was great for that, Mike was here for a week, he left out of Fort Madison 4/10, heading back to Albuquerque and work..Ben is gone too so it's just the birds and me for a few days.
I should be asleep but am having problems with that..think it's snack time or some such thing...missing Mike, thinking about the old house project, we did some rough drafts for renovation project. The settlement on this accident should allow me to have funds for that, some funds for long term old off part of my credit we are playing with graph paper and rulers and ideas for the house.
It's great to have someone else to bounce ideas off, I did find some of my original graph paper plans, but Mike and I never had time to look them over.
I know at times I don't get the words right, but I have been working on this attic studio dream since I bought this old house..had drawings of what I wanted for some of it that have not changed...that west wall being done with shelving built in..built in the way I want it..and that spiral stair case, the bump out for it and dormer.
We are talking now about bumping out the whole back 4's got merit, I like most of the changes Mike is working on drawing up..but need to think about them. It changes what I was 'seeing' in my head for the east side of the house, for my bathroom, and kitchen and that too I need time to think about and to also work on my own drawings and ideas.
We both agree that metal roof is the way to go, to have that open porch as close to what original look was, on demand hot water and a few other things. He wants to replace the entire water lines with something I don't know about, new and more flexable, not as available here yet.but it will be awhile before that 'job' needs done so plenty of time to see if it becomes more available here.
We do agree that stucco is the way to go for outside, not plastic siding that in 15 years would look bad...
But some of what he is talking about I am not big on, stripping out all the exixting drywall and plaster and replacing it, refinishing the maple floor----he has never lived in a renovation project, I have and know the down sides of that. This house will be a longer project, more money and living in it during the renovation will get very challenging---with him out on the road most of the time and me dealing with the dirt, the dust, the mess and all the other problems such a huge overhaul would become.
And I am not sure I see the reason or logic in stripping out all the walls and replacing them---things do not have to be perfect..I do want ceilings pulled except for the kitchen beadboard that Miguel and I worked so hard to get up..but I do not see pulling down the living room walls or the bedroom walls or all of the bathroom walls--ok, so maybe the bathroom ones will go..but I will be drawing some lines on some of that 'tear it out and put in new' as I will be the one paying the costs and living with the mess for the most part..
It is and will stay MY house, and we agree that the settlement will also stay MY settlement, anything I invest in Ferrin Square will be done with paperwork and business agreement.
The house, my credit debts and some $$ put away to grow and for my future is first.
But I have to heal and be released before there will be any settlement and at this time I don't even see that coming any time I can put a month on, much less a back to work date..and I miss work, and I don't like the physical limits I have now..and I don't like the uncomfortable or down right pain I 'get' to go through...