My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Still working on that healing stuff

It's been over 10 weeks now, I am out of the cast for now, into a support boot and starting to put limited amount of weight on my right foot and walking WITH SUPPORT. And I expect another surgery to remove some chunks of bone that were pushed up along the outside edge of my foot and now are a serious shoe problem. But the pressure sores over that area have to heal first and that is happening. I see Dr. Mulshine again 4/13 and hope he is pleased with the progress I am making with exercize and with getting the foot to tolerate weight and walking again.
I did get 2 more weeks out west with Mike and most of tghe time I was on the road with him. Most of the time the weather was great, loads worked out well and the time together was priceless.
Spring is finally here, I have started working on cleaning the flower beds and need to start working on my roses. Today was too cold and windy, Ben and I did some errends in Springfield instead. And I have curled up in warm corners with books..I am retreating into books to deal with the foot healing, the pain and the frusteration this accident and my injuries has created.
I do know my foot is making progress. But I didn't wash the tube socks I bought to wear under the support boot and now have a rash from what ever chemicals/sizing/starch was in the socks. They are in the dryer now, and had the needed washing I neglected to do before starting to wear them.
It's a quiet house tonight, Ben is also hiding in books and we are just barely doing what needs done around here some days.
Jake is out at sea, he wants Ben to come out for his birthday and I think it's a good idea, Ben can do with the change and Jake wants his favorite brother to meet the important pals...hard to believe my bay is almost 21.
The foot is still very swollen and a long way from healed, I am weeks and weeks away from being back at work and that is very discouraging for me, I will cope, not any other real choice.

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