My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Collection agency calling for someone else

Was enjoying my attic nest and watching Avatar, ya, I know, I have watched it before, several times actually when the phone rang. I expected it to be Larry, that guy I date and have lunch plans today with but it was Isobel trying to reach or locate Michael R. Ferrin. She did ask if he was my son, 'no, a man I used to date' she did leave a phone number and extension # and would like a call back before 8 p.m. central time. So, since I don't have a current e-mail address, and I don't have a current phone #, I will post it here and Mike, if you do read my blog now and then, you will get the message. Isobel 1-800-788-7870, ext. 3334. I also did google the number and it's a collection agency but it seems a lot of the people who were called by this # did NOT have the owe the debts that the caller was chasing and it seems that there might be some fraudulent claims and harassment being committed by whoever is calling from this #. It's not my business, not my debt and I have stuff at our local library every Thursday between 10-noon and then lunch with Larry before I go to work. Just love it when debt collectors call here looking for other people and they do, cell phone gets calls looking for who had that cell # before me, I get calls looking for the people I bought this house from, a man I was married to and have been divorced from for years and have not seen or head from for more than 10 years, for Mike and occasionally for my oldest son. Gee, if I could give them the address/phone/e-mail for any I would and let them be bothered instead of me. I am working hard to pay off my debt load, I go to work even when it is hard to even walk. I pay on my debts first before anything else, I keep a tight budget so I can pay off those debts as fast as I can. I don't like getting these calls and do what I can to get them to not call here but every time calls looking for Kenn Gean or Mike Ferrin come, I am reminded how stupid I was to believe these men, at least where it came to financial matters with Mike. I don't think much else was lies. With Kenn Gean, it was all lies and deception..and my being a stupid trusting fool. So, don't expect trust to come easy for me, don't expect me to put any confidence in others and don't expect me to pay any bills that aren't mine.


Katie said...

When I bought my house in LA, I got a new phone number. Almost immediately, I started get phone calls from collection companies. One day I was home, so I called one of the companies to inform them that who they were looking for no longer had that number. Well, I was going to need to call extension 123 and talk to So and SO. So I did. So and So wanted to know how I was going to arrange for payment. I tried for ten minutes to explain that it WASN'T ME....and then I just decided to let the answering machine pick up and delete the message. That was 15 minutes I'll never get back and all I was trying to do was help.
I used to get calls for a person in my family and after about 30 calls (me giving them her number), I started telling the company that she had gotten married and moved to Yemen. Then I started to screen my calls because, like you, I pay my bills and I want to waste my time my own self!

Anonymous said...

What I do not understand in the process of debt collection, is the tolerance level.I personally vouch for the fact that any debt collections agency is doing great job for their employer.But there has to be some morale which should be taking care of people who have failed to pay the amount on time.There should be lenient approach.