My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, March 01, 2013

March, so, now we might get Spring?

We keep getting snow, maybe only a few flakes, maybe a bit more, but it seems like, every day, it is gray skies and that cold white stuff falling.  Been like that for about a week now, had fun, used the snow shovel I bought before last winter started, had my fun, now, can I please have my bare ground back?
Did locate some major drafts up here in my attic space and stuffed quilt batting in them for now,  can or 2 of that foam stuff will make a better seal, on the list and will deal with them this weekend.  By the time I have drywall up I will have few drafts for it to seal off.
Jake's socks are done and a pair now cast on for Ben but need to work on sweaters.  And need my attic in working order.  But the anti fatigue matting is a huge improvement for my feet and easier to sweep clean.
This coming weekend I will be starting to mount shelving on the walls up here, on the north end and also plan for book shelves against the back outside wall of what someday will be my upstairs bathroom.  Will make use of a space that is out of the way, needs to be open between the 2 areas for air flow and allow me to have a wonderful library nook to enjoy and hopefully help me create a more tidy and organized attic nest and studio.
Find work issues to add to this week's stress load, think some need to use their brains better, think some one needs to understand the concept of being a leader, if you have the position of lead in my dept, gee, I expect to see some leadership in your.
Tired before the work week is done, body is glad we are not doing 6 day work weeks, but the budget misses the extra money that overtime brought.  Will try and keep a snug budget and work on gaining some order in the attic and keep working on paying down that debt load I have plenty of.

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