My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Making some progress

Well, most of the pampas grass has been cleaned up, the grass has been mowed, and Tam has her new/used car.  Progress here, and the river level has dropped but think tonight's rain will raise the river level once again, not good progress on that part.
Work is going ok, longer hours right now as our lead fell in plant and broke her arm and spends time looking a bit like a chicken trussed up for roasting.  The break is in her upper arm and too high for a cast,  so it's a support and arm thing strapping her left arm to her body and making life a real challenge and our very small department short handed.
So, this week I pay off the charge account for the new towels and new sheets, and I pay off the account that goes to my Apple goodies, this iPad, my Apple TV device and my new iPod Touch.
I also pay the phone bill and on my 3 major credit cards, not that those debts get much closer to being paid off but progress is progress.
The printer here will be needing replaced soon, I have plants on my spring wish list and I want to lengthen the bike patio some, all which need money.
Life is working out ok, not how I had thought it would go if I had been asked what I thought my life would be like years ago, but in ways and directions that really do work for me, in ways that I make work and that I choose.
I have knitting and sewing and outside work needing done, but the laundry is washed, and I will get it  put away, the dishes will get done and the rains will end and I will get outside work done.  All positive progress.

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Katie said...

I wish I had a time machine! I'd go back to 17, when I went off the rails and let my brains leak out. Up to then, all the bad choices and painful lessons were needed. But after 17? I lost my mind. Glad you're feeling good enough to get the yard work done. And paying your debt load down? Do you realize that most people don't even look at ever paying off anything. And IMO, credit card interest is a tax on stupid people.