My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, January 31, 2010

So, I keep on updating

It seems that boy has grown into an amazing man--and single and did know the rest of tht poem he had written many years in the past. He's runnng his own business in the southwest, he makes me laugh, I don't have a clue why this is our time, 37 years ago was not our time, nor was 33 years ago but now is..and we are working on building something that bridges years and a lot of miles, a huge amount of miles some days..
Life here was looking really good, the tax return was filed, Ben was still here at the house and he and I, along with his gal pal were off to play in Springfield, on my day off.
I have to admit I love that having Thursdays and Fridays off, and taking Tamera with us to Springfield for a few errends, a meal out and time to get to know this girl my #2 son is fond of, oh, ya, great Thursday for me, Jan 14..a few $ so I could afford to feed all of us, custom coffee cups to pick up at a shop in the mall, a couple things on my silly list including a bag of bread flour at GFS...and home by a reasonable time...nothing wrong with the plans, solid little truck I keep putting work into, fixing, taking care of.
The son I am closest to, the first gal pal he's ever found important enough to bring into Mom's life..ok weather for this time of year, laid back time schedule because I have Thursdays and Fridays off...did let Mike know we were off to play, had the TracFone with us, but not my Net tablet...Ben had the current David Weber book in hand, and it was a great afternoon.
OK, so the shop didn't have the cups done--cups that were ordered several weeks before and now were 2 weeks late in being ready--but they got done while we mall crawled--ok, so the coloring was a bit pink but the lettering was good..2 matching cups with photo of the Jake, Ben and I on them, 1 for me, 1 for that boy from the past..and then off to the east side of town for Asian buffet, cuz it's really good and I was feeding a guest..then to Wal-Mart, bluetooth for the laptop, wow, Star Trek Voyager season 1 for $20, and season 2, ok, a bit more but I am collecting and a Trekkie....then head home, first to my house to go through the sock yarn stash for yarn for socks for Tamera, then take yer on up to Rushville...
We were west bound, a fair amount of traffic, close to 9:30 at night, I wasn't thinking about 3rd shift people heading into work, just wasn't thinking about why there would be such heavy traffic at that time of night, knew we were running around 55, not much more, cars behind us but none close in front at that time..dry or slightly wet in spots roads..good traveling....
The traffic east bound was steady, not much gaps, when the 2nd car coming east pulled into the west bound lane, to pass the car ahead of him?? I don't know, I just knew we were in a shit load of trouble, traffic moving too fast, car right behind me, too much slope and soft, if I take the truck off the side I will turn it over and hurt the kids.....just seconds and then I was in the hospital, cold, bright lights, voices, hurting all over--Nude!!!now, that paniced me a second, warm blankets tucked around me..where were the kids??? Were my kids alright...I need on line, need facebook to let Mike know we are ok,,no phone # with me, no cell phone and NO, I do not remember or know phone ###...and no idea what happened after I saw the car pull into the west bound lane and thought I had a shit load of trouble heading my way...
Tamera has broken bones in her face, it could have been far worse, she is also afraid in a car at night, gets panic attacks..not a bit of fun and is afraid of surgery to repair the broken bones. But she lived, she is alive and will heal, will deal with the emotional trauma and fears.

Ben, that boy got his friend out of our mangled truck, got his mom's legs freed and her to the passenger side, worked on trying to calm that mom as help arrived and the pros came to do their job. His sternium got cracked, he got some brusing, he is not staying at Mom's taking care of 24, he is not doing much living his own life but taking care of mom...

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