My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, January 31, 2010

too long without posting and too much has happened

I should have posted here when Jake was here for Chirstmas, and I had a house full of tall and loud sons was a great week, had some time off with that tall Marine, Ben came to stay and be able to spend time with Jake, Bryon came over to bug Mom and spend time with Jake, he visited Kim..did the bar crawl 1 night..his saddles are still on mom's bedroom floor, still needing oiled and stored.
I baked and made fudge and Jake took back about 16 pounds of goodies to share with 'our' platoon...and a pair if hand knit socks he won't be sharing.
It was great having my tall baby home, that boy is now just over 6'3" and stands tall, at just over 150 he needs a few pounds to cover all those long and lanky bones, is maddly in love with his SAW which I understand is a very big and heavy Gun that can cut down trees...
Jake's dad and step mom are selling out the farm and moving to the Phillipines this June so Jake has to move everything here he wants to keep, including his not running right 1961 Studibaker Lark....

Then there was the maintenence guys gabbing at the storeroom window, like they will do if there is more than 1 of them there-about Facebook and looking up old pals and school mates..and me running the name of that boy from the past through Facebook.
Jake is why I had a Facebook account, and that boy from the past, I hadn't found him through Google or the Mormon church stuff I could place to look for a Mormon boy--or so I thought....
Facebook is fun, and there were 4 guys with that name but only 1 that had a daughter also named Stormy, only 1 that went to school at Roaring Fork, only 1 who had JD for another facebook friend--so 4 lines of an old poem and a question asking if he knew the rest..
I didn't want to make any waves in his life, just wanted to know if he was alive and doing life here in IL is so good, I am finally able to say I am 'home' and belong. I really like my old house and my funky life here, the crazy hours I keep with work, the job as supply clerk in the 3 rd slot..the garden and flower beds which bloom and grow maddly for me..didn't want to make any waves with that very special boy from the past, just wanted to know he was alive and ok...

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