My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love the lawyer's letter

got my copy yesterday, nice, polite and to the point, and has a 7 day period from date of letter, not date received for work here to start or we look at my options, including legal ones. Now, we know legal ones are just what I am going to do. And mean, nasty and tough is just what I will be, with a lawyer known for that also. In the meantime, I cannot find the notebook with my doll knitting patterns anywhere, did reprint some out but ran out of printer ink. My bed is piled high with stuff that I got out to look for patterns, move stuff, move stuff, and pile on my bed. If the contractor had done the work, which I did pay a hefty deposit for, in a timely, like he promised, in writing manor, I would not have a bed piled with stuff, I would have a workspace in that attic studio, it might not have built in shelving yet but it would have my sewing/knitting/doll stuff up there. The bathroom would not have a chest of drawers in it, and more doll/sewing stuff. My living room would not have a huge antique chest of drawers in the way. And I have cleaned and dealt with the mess, and worked up in that attic space for months, have stuff now in rented storage and will have it there for another month at least. So, I won't get happy with this contractor, will be getting a inspector to come do a report on the very little work that has been done by CL Campbell Construction and what heeds done to do what I want and have a contract for, right. And that is how they can do it or face court action and not get paid any more. If work is not started and kept going until they are done, I do plan court action. I also will be deducting some of the costs their delay has cost me, like how long the roll off disposal bin has been here, the 2nd month of storage fees for my stuff and the costs of a lawyer. After all, to do the job right, they had to do a new contract and raise the price $2000. It's only right that they get my costs for their choice of delaying this job. And if there is any damage from rain, it becomes their costs also, as they removed the roof, and did not get it re-roofed in a timely manor. That law here and they do know it. I would be interested to know if the senior partner has been aware of all the issues here or if dad was kept in the dark. But he was here 8/31 and so should have kept tabs and kept the work going then. I won't get happy just because they get the job done, they don't know me, if it's not done right, if it's not done in a very timely manor I will take action. And if it's not started within that 7 day period on the letter, it's legal action. And since our plant works Saturdays, I do expect If they get back to work here, they work Saturdays until the job is done and expect the job to take less than 2 weeks. In the meantime, I have a doll club meeting today, need a shower and need to take Kid with me to go buy a length of log chain to fasten him to the tree while I am at work or gone, as he's broken the cable, broken the new dog chain I just bought yesterday. There are rodents in that damn roll off and he wants to go play there and hunt them out. The same roll off that should have been out if this yard by late July so another reason for me to be displeased with the damn contractor.

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