My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, September 04, 2011

slow progress but at least the job is going again

Apparently my call and willingness to get a lawyer about this roof job got action, including the senior partner to become aware of what was or rather was not being done on this job. Now the entire roof has been stripped and decked and this time all the clean up outside was done and I was not left with a mess and tarps and trash around.
I am photographing and documenting as things go or don't get done here, and will not hesitate to make a few phone calls and yes, a lawyer if need be.
I have storage unit rented and am getting all my stuff out of the attic and stored while the job is being done and do not plan to have storage rented for more than 1 month, 2 if I am waiting on drywall/painting job to get finished.
It's hard to believe all the stuff I have had tucked away and stored in that attic all these years, not much trash to toss out, not much needs sorted before stored but I am doing some cleaning and will clean and oil my antique rockers and such before they are stored.
Larry and I had a good day up north, Colchester and huge flea market and I came home with another rocking chair that needs both back and seat re-caned. It is very similar to the one I just finished the back on, they will look good together in the new attic space.
We had rain in the night and early morning so it's cooled down and the attic is comfortable working in. Right now I am working alone but will get Otto's help when I am ready to get the bigger items down out of the attic and haul them to the storage unit. I think 1 have about 3loads to go but I am also taking some of the stuff that's in my way on the ground floor too.
I need to get sub floor down, most is done but have the south east section left to do and might even get some down today. I am off work and paid tomorrow so can do it then if I don't get to it all today.
I will never give C.l. Campbell Construction a good reference, they might do good work and reasonable costs but the delays and bull shit I have had to deal with already make a company I would not wish on anyone. No one deserves to have a job jerked around and be left with the mess and roof open for several weeks at a time like I have been here.
But I will have a blue metal roof, and as soon as I can, will be doing the wiring and insulation work that needs done before drywall can be installed. And I hope I can afford to contract that out. Will get bids as soon as I can but it won't be for 2-3 weeks.

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