My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, August 26, 2011

No roof progress, bike parts ordered and in shipping,

Larry is working on my blue bike again, have condenser and points coming, and I am working in the attic every day..contractor has not been here for over a week, did send a letter..and will be looking at legal action if work does not get going and done...
Have an appointment with Hanger Prosthetic for custom work boot for damaged foot.
And there's a new guy in my life, he doesn't have a name yet but came with plenty of clothes and I also ordered 4 patterns his size, ok, so 2 were girl stuff but I do have a lot of dolls here and all like clothes.
I am working on the sub floor in the attic, the guy form work didn't do much but did it all wrong, glad he didn't use many screws to fasten it down, have most of them out and 2 pieces loose.
I might have help coming Saturday to work with me and I hope to get most of that sub floor down, stuff will have to be moved, take up what is down and done wrong, put it down right, move stuff I have stored up there, put down more sub floor..but at least I will be seeing some progress.
Overtime on this week's paycheck, nice to have a good paycheck, sure beats being on disability. I've worked hard to keep that damn accident from taking any more from me and from my life, my quality of life than I have absolutely had to give up.
I know the odds are high that I will not be able to work until retirement age but I am sure going to try and if that means big, ugly work boot that has supports up my lower leg, well, I can live with that.

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