My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, August 19, 2011

no progesss on the roof..

This really is a contractor with licenses and good rep who does good work and in a timely manor. But that is not what is happening here. It took 4 days(plus weekend) to get the east side stripped and decked. It's been since Tuesday that anyone came and worked on the roof here. In the meantime I can't do work inside the attic and the house is so open that I have the air shut off, there is no reason to pay the bill to try and cool a house with this much draft issues.
I am trying to not let it stress me, I get upset, stressed and depressed and I spend $$ on stuff I don't need and sometimes later don't want..and right now I am spending a lot of time looking at big screen tv's on sale, and I don't have the place to put one until the attic is much closer to done.

I'm working late most night this week because Barb has called in 3 shifts in a row, so my foot and leg hurt more and all the time. That adds to my being unhappy with's a no win circle right now, I am going to try and not let it drive me into any dark holes or have me wasting money that later I will regret.
But the high point is our annual company picnic is this Sunday, here in town and Larry and I are going..the first I have been able to attend in something like 4 years...
And the dog is not longer scratching himself until he has sores so the medication has helped that. I know life here has some rough spots but for the most part, it's workable and I like my life. I don't like this roof project and the long drawn out, not get the job started, get it finally started and then not get with the work and get it done stuff..but I will make another call, again, and hope that Monday I will have a crew here and the job will get completed and done right...


Chloe said...

What did you give the dog for the scratching issues? I pop all three dogs into the shower (not at the same time) almost every day. They shake the water off and then I put them out on the porch. Keeps them cool and the hot spots at bay.
All three of my dogs have itchy ears, too. I think water gets into their I put alcohol drops and hydrogen peroxide drops in...helps to dry the inner ear up. I took them in and had their ears cleaned and that made it worse. I think the cleaning left the inside of their ears too dry and cracked.

Chloe said...

I need retail therapy sometimes, too, when things go awry. It doesn't help, long term...but I still will do it. That's why I stay away from the malls, Michael's, Barnes & Noble...what I don't know about, I can't up and want when I'm feeling twitchy.

Maggie said...

had vet appointment for annual shots, he did steroid shot and pills, not sure if it is flea allergy or something else, is helping, Kid hates the heat and air is off due to construction delays, could not afford the bill if I was trying to cool house with so much open
Here therapy tends to be on line and dolls, or tech..both I have enough and don't need more