My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Still No contractor, made a phone call

We are a month behind the scheduled start, and he's still not here. The disposal bin is still empty and in my back yard, I still have a window in my living room, a spiral stair that cannot be installed and a serious lack of tolerance for 'Monday' and 'early next week' which has came and gone several weeks now.
Today's call again got his voice mail, today's message is that I need him to either get here and do the contracted job or refund my deposit and I will get someone else to do the job. This delay is fouling up my life.
Along with a huge chunk of my settlement funds, the other work I need done up there in the attic on hold for the most part, the garden has gone to weeds while I worked up in the attic to clean up the insulation so ceiling joices were ready for sub floor and stuff moved away from areas where work needed to be done.
I am stressed out to the max over this and my foot is in pain most of the time from work, I need this roof replaced, the dormer built, the spiral stair kit installed, the sub floor down, the wiring on end walls done, the insulation work done. And want it done this month..not next month, not next year.
And to top it off, I am getting calls from collection agencies looking for a man I have not see or heard from for more than 11 years, who never shared a home with me during our short marriage. He did not manage to scam me out of any amount of money, he did verbally abuse me and would have physically abused me if I had not gotten him out of my life when I did. I made a huge mistake trusting him, not seeing the man behind the mask, but I wasn't the stupid fool he thought I was, he never had his name on my home, vehicle or accounts that mattered, or access to much.
So, now it's been close to 12 years since I even heard his voice on a phone, I am getting collection agencies calling here, 2 in 2 days, looking for him.
He could be dead, I have no contact numbers, have not had, and I didn't really have that when I thought we were trying to make a life together.
So, not my problem, calling me does not gain them anything,

and right now it's not even making waves in my pond, just find it funny...
Just when I think my life has problems and is a mess, I get calls from collection agencies looking for Ken Gean or for Michael Ferrin... guess my life has some issues and stuff I need to take care of but at this time I don't have collection agencies calling me because I am behind on payments, or have just not paid my bills and am trying to duck out on them.
And I will either see the contractor here and work being done or I will see my deposit back and give the job to Raffa and his crew. If necessary I will take legal action, not something I want to do, but I am not going to just 'give away' a huge chunk of my settlement funds.
Today I see the podiatrist and hopefully we start to find some ways to lessen my pain and walking issues with my damaged foot. I need to keep working, I need to get through my work shift and not be miserable long before the shift is done.
I will get the garden dealt with, will get the insulation and sub floor out of my truck and up into the attic, will get finished with the wiring on the north wall so it can be insulated, will finish the insulation work on the south attic wall that I do have started.
And I am making changes in the plans for the upstairs bathroom, it has to fit the space there, it will have to work with the old chimney for plumbing chute, and it has to work with the ceiling/roof angles. I have bath #2 on paper now, have not checked measurements to see how they work but will before I go to my Dr appointment.
I can handle a lower ceiling/slanted ceiling in the bathroom if I plan it out right. I want things a certain way but if it does not work, then I will change it and like the change.. It's planned to be 5 foot wide, and that should not need changed, but I might have to change what order things are, right now it's toilet, sink and shower across the west that but not sure I have the height for the shower.. can move entire bath east and get it to plenty of space to work with up there, but it's how much space am I willing to give to a bathroom and just where I am willing to have that space taken out.
well it's almost 9 am so I need to get busy or I won't be showered and at that appointment on time, it's at the clinic south of the library so at least it's not a far drive, can run the that idea...

Phone call, the contractor will have some guys here tomorrow to get started- - his rep is very good, his work is very good, I really don't want to have someone else do this work but Need it started and done...

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