My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, October 21, 2011

A quiet house again

It's great to have Jake and Krisda here, but it's been busy and loud. Today, they, with Ben headed west to MO to visit for the weekend and I get to clean house a bit, maybe go to a yard sale, go to work and just enjoy the quieter house for a while. The construction work is going ok, not as fast as I would like but the metal roof should be going on starting Monday, I have a lot of the insulation bought and here, and will buy more Sunday while I am in Springfield and it looks like we will have dry weather for a week or so and I plan to start insulation work while the kids are gone and also prime some of the osb that will be going over that insulation in the storage areas so I can get those closed off as soon as I can and the attic starts getting more usable and warmer. The dormer is close to done, the window is waiting and I will be glad to see that dormer done, the stairs assembled and quit using a ladder to get in and out of my new attic space. Work is going ok, foot is doing better with the brace and I will look at taking it back in to Hanger for some tweaking with the fit soon. I needed time for it and me and the new, 1/2 size larger work boot to adjust and we are about to that place. I take the kids back up north to Krisda's dad the 27th and had planned a crafting thing at the local library but won't be able to attend. Jake needs a day or so with her family before this deployment and this time instead of storage at base, his stuff came home and I will be tucking it up in the attic on the south end in some of that new storage area we will have. I don't know when I will be going to court with the contractor that did not do the work he agreed to and took a large deposit on but expect sometime the middle of November for that and hope to get back a large amount of that $$ but won't plan to put it into the bathroom upstairs until I actually have that money. So, it's getting cold and I don't like that but sure like all the sun through the south attic window. It will be a long time before the entire area is done, bathroom is high on the list but hope by tax time to look at contracting out the drywall work and see that done and paint when spring comes.

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