My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, October 21, 2011

That attic space

I know it will be a long time before it's totally finished, but I will start using it as soon as I can. I love the fact that no windows face the busy street in front of my house, I can feel I am hidden away when I am up there. I do love having Jake home and Krisda is great to have here but I am so glad they are in MO for the weekend and the dog, birds and I have our usual after work quiet house. And I could go over to Larry's and he'd be glad to have me there but I just want to be here, and have Kid in the house, instead of outside on his chain, breath the air here, no cats or carpet or furnace noises. It wasn't too long ago that I had a furnace in the bedroom and loud but it moved to the new utility area and I have gotten used to a much quieter house and Larry's trailer has the furnace close to his bedroom so it is much louder. The house is cool but that is the dormer and attic under construction stuff and it will start to improve as I get insulation in and when Pat gets that dormer closed in, the window are is framed but the window is not installed yet and there's a lot yet to be closed up on the east side of that dormer, plenty of fresh air right now, cold fresh air. I will have to make insulated curtains for the south and east windows before spring comes or they will be real heat problems but I will sure enjoy the passive solar gain this winter. I do need to close off the cold though so will be working on those curtains once I have the rough work done up there and can start using my new area. I did my wellness stuff on line for our work insurance updating and think it's stupid and computer generated that does not give a true picture of the real person or the real life. I have a lot of pain, ya, and there is no place to enter the accident and foot damage or the fact that my hands have carpal tunnel and are getting old. I have a lot of stress and there is no place to put in the why of that stress, old house with no real roof, winter coming and no way to heat the open house, a lot of money paid to a very dishonest contractor and now waiting for small claims court. It would be abnormal to not have some stress and depression over the roof situation or my pain that the car accident has created and that I will live with the rest of my life. It's like asking if I have a lot of headaches, yes but it's not the same as other people-unless they have my allergies and sinus problems. I rarely have stress headaches, or non car accident related pain, other than my hands. So, the on line questions do not really give a clear picture of me and of my pain or depression or my life. And it's really OK to be just ok, not happy, but ok, content, at peace, mellow. And it's ok if I am comfortable alone and like living alone. I see people every day I go to work and I what I feel is a good relationship with the guy I date but I don't want to live at his place, he sure doesn't want to move here and his cat is NOT welcome to move here, my dog and birds will not be moving to his place. I have plenty of 'support system' and don't need to give out names and contact information, I really do not need to be reported on or bugged by my on line, company medical stuff. I will just continue to handle my little life and the details in that little life.I do check my blood pressure and I will add in the other stuff, like when I had my last pap smear, I don't remember when, ok, so it was probably last January but I sure don't know the exact date. Washer is almost done so I can toss that load into dryer and have it going, I had to replace the light bulb in the laundry area, the first time I have had to do that since I put that light fixture in. So, as it's a vanity bulb, it had to be1 that was remove when we gutted the original bathroom. I guess I won't complain about a lightbulb that lasted 6+ years and I did have a replacement so that's been done and I can see to load the washer or dryer in the night. Better get this saved or posted and head to laundry space and then bed, I do want to work in the attic before I go work at Cargill for overtime.


Chloe said...

Did you make a complaint to the contractor's board re your lackadaisical contractor? I don't know how much money you paid up front but in my state it is 10% of the project or $1K, whichever is the least. Then the payment schedule can vary--I usually am paid weekly for labor and materials with benchmarks (all the framing; insulation; drywall; whatever) so that the money and the work is about equal.
You can take him to small claims but you also need to file with the contractor's board and THAT will stay on his license forever.

Maggie said...

in this state we have few licenses for construction work, he has roofer's license, we have NO general contractor licenses..
but I will be reporting him every where I can and understand our county judge tends to be very hard on dishonest contractors..