My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Time for new photos

There is a mountain of clean laundry on my bed to be taken care of, knitting to work on, kitchen floor needs mopped and instead I am adding photos to my blog.  The laundry and floor can wait a bit. 
Larry and I have gone camping 2 times so far, the first was raining off and on, a quiet trip to 'shake down' our camping, check for any problems with the camper, and make lists of what all we wish we had brought or would want on future camping trips, like a potato peeler and fix the leak at hot water tank. 
The knitting always goes, first trip I was working on some wild socks for Jake, the second trip I don't remember which socks went but I also started knitting a market bag from some crochet thread I bought boxes of at a yard sale.
Cargill work has some issues, the overtime and who is getting most of it, I am dealing with it up the ladder and hope to see it being offered more fairly, which translates in the late come in slot on 2nd shift needs to be available as a weekly rotation as that is where the stable overtime is every week.  It's against company policy if only person holds it and none of the rest of us are given the chance to rotate that late slot.  We do not bid into certain 'jobs' in that 2nd shift frock room and until about a year ago, it was mandatory that the late come in was rotated so the overtime it brings was also shared out more evenly.
Our nights are still cooling down and days under 90 now, we had higher earlier but it didn't last long, good for my electric bill here and the plants outside.  I am working on watering at night after I come home from work as I have new roses to settle in and have all that new grass in the old garden area to keep alive.
And watering means mowing more often.I am not griping as grass sure beats weeds and sand which is the other option, no watering and no ground cover here.
This summer I am doing my first mystery knit a long, a shawl and I have the yarn and needles but need to knit up the gauge swatch,  We get the first of the patten on June 21 so I have some time, and will work on getting progress made on the 2 pair of socks I have going.  1 pair is for Jake and the other is for pal Julie, just did a pair for pal Sharon who might start knitting socks soon, she does knit but has never done socks.
Well, it's time to take the dog out and water a couple plants with plant food, my only tomato is in a planter and needs fed,

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Katie said...

I so admire the way you are self-sufficient and so canny with your money. It is a rare woman who can put her wants and needs into prespective. Even with your friends, you have weeded out the deadwood and waited for someone who is worthy of you. Your boys sound like fine young men and the gripes you have about them are is so hard to let them go when you could make thier lives a little bit eaisier, which isn;t the point. You got them to the spot where they are adult with free agency, choices good or bad is what will make them tough and good adults.
I worked at a place where the OT was a foregone conclusions--the golden children ALWAYS got the call first. Then when it turned into comp time, it was open to EVERYONE and no one wanted it. My daughter workds the anyting goes OT's good to have time comp time but pretty sure she will have six months, which means fi she takes it, someone else will be getting comp time. The State is not the smartest about hiring enough people to cover the positions. And in a prison, there really does need to be domeone with a gun, watching out for trouble.
I wish I could get a knitting group going here in town. I;ve posting it on Ravelry and sat in different cafes, just waiting and hoping someone would show up.
So I;m taking the bull into my own hands and starting a little scrap booking business (a craft I really love) and starting sewing again for fun for me. I have a big poofy comforter I bought for my bed that is just oo poofy, so I'm going to unpick it, have it long armed quilteded so it will be a flat, non poofy fitted coverlet with scalloped edges, all of a piece. Well, the top will be one pieces and the sides with the scallops will be another. I'll flat fell the seams and it will be very tailored with over the top pick fabric with roses on it. The companion fabric--same pick with tiny buds will be the drapes with flannel interlining, blackout cloth and then lining, Just plain but the valance will be a half circle with ruffles on the jabot.
Then I'm slip covering two wing chairs in a dark rose. It took me a while to figure out what i wanted but i have it all in y head and It will go pretty well, once I get the stuff cut out and start to stitch the miles of straight sewing. A friend will do the long arm quilting.
My parents were RV camping affcinados. Mom loved it. She would put a meal together in the crock pot, put it in the sink and when they stopped, have lunch or dinner ready. They joined a camping group but didn't much like it. You know...little cliques and lots of drinking. They liked being on their own much beter.

Hope the weather holds adn itis cool once it gets dark. That;s the kind of weather we have here--scorching during the day but as soon as the sun goes down, i can open up all the windows and cool the house down in no time flat.
Take care!

How did that rascal roofer fare in court? I hope he dug himself such a hole he'll never climb out, My husband is a GC and it is a matter of pride for him that things get done on time and below budget, with a clean job site left every every night. He only does old houses so he knows their quirks and NEVER leaves ANYTHING open to the elements, even if he is doing a foundation. He is doing a big job saving a brick business building right now. It needs a new foundation, then fix whatever the sqauaring up craked, then a new roof and fixing the broken windows and getting the pigeons out, The guy originally wanted to rent it to renters 9like apartments) but we've talked him into turning it into office suites. Easier to get deadbeats OUT plus, since the downstairs is a liquor store, who wants live-in tenants?
That once job should take up our time until about November.