My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The new Apple releases... Not what I want, cry cry.

     Apple released new phones, a new AppleTV, and a bigger iPad Pro.  Not a new iPad, or the iPad that I have, size wise.  Mine is generation 3, and gen 6 came out last fall, so I hoped to see a new iPad classic this time too.
     But I can wait, the 1 I have works well, I just like new and better some times.  And I am bombing for bugs every week right now, because 1 of my sons managed to bring bedbugs home from somewhere he was visiting.  He did not let me know, or clearly tell me so the infestation had some time to multiply and be on both levels.  So, I am cleaning and bombing on the weekends and irritated about all the stuff in this house, creating a mess, that does not belong to me.  I am NOT willing to buy a storage building to store things, my bikes, maybe, but not stuff that is not mine.
     But my aging laptop now has keyboard issues, it is close to 7 years old now, and I have been looking at laptops, mostly on line, to shop for a new laptop.  I cannot compare laptops in stores, no one seems able to give me information on what is inside that shell, how can I compare them if I don't know what those parts are.  And looking on line has issues, some sites are easy to sort through and pull up info so I can do some comparing.  But I finally decided on another Toshiba, on sale and ordered it, with warranty for 2 years.  It should ship next week and then once here, I will be learning to deal with Windows 10, moving want I want and need from the old laptop that Ben can then do what he pleases, as long as he deals with his stuff here, like the parts and pieces of electronics he has managed to build up in my house.
     My house is a mess, and will stay that way as long as I am bombing for bugs, and that adds to my feeling stressed and unsettled in my own home.  I know it will improve, I plan to give the boys both a time limit to deal with their stuff here and if it is not cleaned up, boxed and stored under the house, I will be dealing with it my way.  I need to bomb a couple more times, at least, then put my attic area back in order.  
     I have never had to deal with a bug infestation, much less something as small and nasty as bedbugs, so that upsets me also.  I stress and fret and get unhappy over small things now, that before the car accident, might not have bothered me so much.  The plant is changing owners, so work has stress that is not usually there but I know that will settle in time, and I know I will get my house back in better order, and also deal with the boys and their mess.
      But the world is not a bad place, it gets unsettled now and then but it will calm down in time, I just have to ride it out.

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