My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, September 06, 2013

Back to normal life

Well, the camping trip was good, at least for me.  Larry had some problems with the heat and with his back hurting, we had no cell or tv reception and I like that, sure did not miss tv.  I did take the bike into Macomb a couple times, hit the yarn shop and got yarn for 2 pair of bright and bold Jake socks, and caught up on line with stuff, checked in at home and so forth.
The sissy bar came while I was gone and putting it on the bike was 1 of the first things I did after unpacking the bike and opening the box.  It is not as tall as I would like to have but sure will work for now.
I am glad to be back at work and we are working full production this Saturday, I don't mind working and will be glad to see the extra income on the paychecks.
I am going to get some more Robin Hood roses ordered and am working on watering more so I can work the flower beds, clean out grass and weeds and get the day lilies divided.
I have a doll club meeting this Sunday and will take the bike, have a few things I want to check on, and the weather is to be great so it will be a nice ride.
I have Monday's off most of the month, and a couple Tuesdays so will work on catching up here outside and in the house.  The budget will be able to afford some drywall and with a bit of help from Jake or Ben I hope to get at least part of the south end drywall up.  I know it will help with heating/cooling costs and the looks of the space, bounce light better so it does not seem so dark, and maybe even stay a bit cleaner.
My iPad won't fit in my tank bag so I am dreaming of owning a smaller pad, like the Nexus 7 and know I don't need it, it is not on the budget, and I have no reason to buy 1.  But I want to play with it and buying it would let me do that.
The bike and I need crash bars more than I need another toy.  And I have bills that need the funds before I can buy the bars, which cost as much or more than that mini tablet. So, I will work on being responsible and using the paycheck for what it needs to be used for, and I will stick with making good choices with my funds, doing what works best for my long term life and liking that I am making good choices.

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