My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Going to Paducah KY for overnight stay

I have a 3-day weekend and am going to KY to bring back a puppy for Jake and I to spoil rotten.  And we better do some 'puppy proofing' around the house before that set of sharp baby teeth start to taste every thing Jake and I need to pick up, put away, clean up or get out of the living room or his bedroom
Kid is not replaceable but I hope this puppy will help heal our pain and fill those empty spaces the house and our hearts now have.
And at work, several are taking the lay-off in December, several, including me, age going to production and I think there are a couple who have not decided what to do.  9 of us will be replaced by contract with the company that provides our clean work frocks and shirts, at a far lower wage than we make.
Does not come at a good time for any of us, but I will go back to production, think I have the least time as hourly management and the most time in production in our plant.
I will get by, the paycheck will be a bit tight for about 2 months but then I do file my taxes early so that will help and right now I am trying stay practical about finances and credit and not waste money or credit.
I am putting off buying the garden plants I want but hope I can get them in a couple weeks, I have worked some overtime once again and that should help next paycheck.
The weather has turned cooler and we have had some rain that some of us have been very glad to get, my outside plants sure appreciate all the moisture they can get.
And I now have privacy film on most of the windows so can have the curtains open and not have the world watching me all the time.  I live on a busy street corner but that does not make my life inside my home the business of anyone else.
I still need to pack an overnight bag for my trip to Paducah, am hoping to make it to the Quilt Museum while I am there, it is open on Monday but not much else I am interested in will be open, no yarn shops to play in, they all take Mondays off.


Anonymous said...

309So sorry for the loss of Kid,best wishes for you and the new pup.

Maggie said...

The house is a more welcoming home for myself and my son now that we have this puppy, we will need to do a lot of training though.