My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toys and wanting a new tech toy

I have no interest in smart phones, texting or having a cell phone plan for Internet and calls, prepaid works well for me for a cell phone.
But I own an Apple iPod classic, a Touch 5th generation and the iPad 3 along with a laptop and a working desk/tower computer.  And these are not shared devices, mine alone, along with the Xbox I rarely use.
Now I keep wanting a Nexus 7, not because I need it, not to replace any of the 'tech toys' I already have and that are paid for, but cuz I think it is neat, and would be fun to have.  I do not have the extra funds to buy one, so it would add to that credit debt I am trying to pay down/off.  
I keep telling myself all the reasons to not buy one, and have already decided which skin from I want for that new toy I keep saying I am not buying.  But some little voice keeps telling me that I will buy the new toy, no matter what reason I come up with to NOT buy it, not now, not next week, not next month.  
Stupid battles with myself, all the reasons why I should not, all the excuses why I want to buy it.  My worst fights seem to be with myself, and they go round and round until 1 side or the other wins.
My credit has improved over the past year, my debt load has gone down, even with buying the Rebel, I have less debt now than I did a few months ago.
I also keep working hard to make good choices with both my paycheck and with my credit. Not always an easy thing for me to do, and I spent the past 3 days getting things done I needed done, including the trip Sunday to Springfield with Jake,  I came home with the needed drywall, weed&feed for the lawn and a couple other things on my list.  I did go look at a Nexus7, and cases, and checked on a few things with that toy but I did not buy it, I did not go buy it on credit and I did not come home and order it, I still want to, so am going to keep battling that war until 1 side or the other wins.
Losing Kid does not help, and neither does someone keeping close tabs on me, not a stalker as much as a bored and lonely man who should spend his time chatting with his on line smutty chat pals instead of driving by my house.
I now have privacy film on a few more windows, enjoy having the curtain pulled back and seeing my bird feeders but still having privacy in the house.  And it will allow me to let light in and not have so much problems with passive solar heating up the living room and throwing the thermostat off as much.
I also have a profile up at Senior Connection and got a call on that, ya, and I am not paying a membership fee but am checking what happens, some is for another person who is thinking about it to meet someone for long term, dreams of rosy future and happy ever after stuff.  Me, I was willing to fill out the questions and put up a photo, start an account to see what happens.  
I do date a man, and live in my own house, earn my own paycheck, pay my own bills, and am in charge of my own life and life choices, not any one's business if I have my profile out at any on line meeting/dating sites.
And not my business who that man I date chats with, or what the chats are about.  I stay out of his personal life and space most of the time, do not go cruising around to check on his place or him, figure I have plenty to do here and really don't see a reason to keep tabs on him.
Back to work Wed. afternoon, did get a lot on my fall list done, or a good start on that outside list and found a huge air draft/problem with the front door I need to take care of.  Still need to clean the bird cage but dog beds got washed and are drying, bike and scooter got stabilizer in the gas tanks, mowing is done again and I started on clean up on the front south flower bed.
Finished Jake's socks, started the 2nd for the pair I am knitting for me or to gift, did a small amount of house cleaning too.
And Jake and I are working on adjusting to loosing Kid, not easy, having a couple days off and a list of things needing done has helped but I keep looking and Kid is not there, not on Jake's bed, not at the door, not waking my up before daylight to go out and potty, not nudging me while I sit in the kitchen or at my computer desk with a book and my knitting.
Way too many empty spaces here right now, about 80+ pounds of empty space to learn to deal with, hard for both of us. Working on it, know it will take time, and then some more time.

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