My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, May 13, 2010

AJ Great to hear from you...

I walked about 8-10 blocks and back today--no cane and with shoes on--and didn't cry or whine--much. So, I am making progress, saw my orthapedic dr. Tuesday, 5/11 and he is still very pleased with the foot's progress, says to get the work boots in and fitted and softened, walk a lot, keep with the therapy, and come back 6/8 and he will see how things look. The heel bone looks more solid this x-ray, still some small gaps and rough looking areas..but all things considered, a very good vist and I came out feeling far more like celebrating than last went to Hancock Fabrics. I now own a mini craft iron, great for doll things, I have been using it, some fabrics, buttons..and came home to wash fabrics so I could play in my sewing space.
I still do not have my garden planted, will not put in corn this year but put melons in their space..and will buy plants with this coming State Farm lost wages check..and pay on bills. But the flowers are looking good, the stuff I put in where the city tore up the strip between sidewalk and street looks good, the day lily roots are starting to show tops, the stuff I dug from my beds is growing, the purple salvia I dug out of everywhere it sowed it's self is doing that is progress.
And I am adding to the doll clothes collection--and will soon have enough things that I will start a 'for sale' photo album at the Kish group I am in, then will have to do fashions for other dolls that I am in groups with and set up a for sale photo album.
I have at least 3+ weeks before there is any chance I can go back to work so will work on getting Bernadette's Closet into more than just a dream and a label sewn into the doll clothes my dolls keep gettng...
It's been rainy, Jake's leave was far too short, I got 3 days of his around 10 days, ok, 5 if you count the 2 days that were mostly road time..he's being deployed and all I know is he will be riding around on a troop ship and is going to take some college classes that are available with some of that confined time he will be having.
Cami is graduating the end of this month, her son is 3 and is now 'taking care' of Jake's horse Gallop, who has a frame and springs and was Jake's first horse. Jake thinks that's a good place to store his much loved childhood treasure, I will go bring it here to store if they move to someplace with no room or when Colby is too old for such toys...
Well, have to start Friday early, with phone call to State Farm to see if my lost wages check is mailed or will be at their office waiting for me to pick it up and take it to the bank--we both use the same bank, that is handy...they own me back wages and are not paying me all 80 hours per 2 week period but will owe me the rest with the settlement..along with what I spend on new glasses, on replacing work boots, on orthapedic and $$$ sneakers so I had something I could tolerate and that would help correct my foot's twisting and rolling..along with all the rest..such fun, loads of paperwork..more medical paperwork to drop off when I pick up my check..