My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The dishes did not get washed, the kitchen floor did not get mopped but I did get groceries bought and put away, did get some work done on the garden project, some grass removed, some plants in..will keep working at it and will be fighting grass and weeds for a while. That Cargill compost from last year is still 'blessing' me with lots of grasses that I really do not need in my garden..weeds for lawn and grass for garden..something just seems wrong with that.
I do have some progress on the right foot sock..figure I have about 60 left foot socks, 2 of each color/pattern and none for the right am doing 1 to fit and then I will know what I need to do to knit several more.
Jake called twice today, he and his 'brothers' in the platoon are deployed Monday and they are glad "Mom' was healed enough to bake lots of cookies for Jake to bring back..all send their love and appreciation.
I am looking at newer and probably safer vehicles to replace the 1994 Ranger I picked up to replace my Mazda that was totalled in the accident. Another accident close to were mine was Tuesday. Man of 28 killed, 3 vehicles involved, roads blocked and a detour when I was coming home from my Dr. appointment really had me rattled and shook..and I drove the rest of the way home feeling I wasn't very safe in the truck I was in.
I have months to go before I will have a settlement check, if not far longer. Plenty of time to do some looking and comparing and thinking long term..not going to jump into anything, not going to finance anything and I know repairs to the house and $$$ tied up in some long term investments is first..but I should be able to swing a far newer vehicle with more safety features, including air bags and better build 'roll/crash cage built in...
Not a car, I need to haul cargo, like pavers, and plants and lumber and so forth, and toss camping gear in..I need something that will do that and be easy for me to get in and out, not too bad on gas, don't think I will get a little pickup..thinking Hyundai Tuson or Santa Fe but not buying so can keep looking and comparing when it suits me and I have time..can do a lot of checking now days on line...things I do want are automatic transmission, air cond...and cruse control. I do not want sun roof, power windows..carpet in the back cargo area, sat radio..too many frills...I do want rubber mud mats, and to buy seat covers Before it ever leaves lot and a steering wheel cover..and a color I like....will NOT agree to buy anything until I have my settlement, can wait for car to come from factory if that is what it takes to suit my list....dream, dream, LOL, old house repairs, landscaping and wheels.
I can dream doll dresses too but then I find myself trying to find more sewing time..have several ideas to work up there but have not made the time the past few days but do have the material and it won't take much to tweak a pattern to work for what I want....bed time as I have early church, dishes and then head to doll club meeting and pick up pal Julie on the way...

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Chloe said...

I have a Honda Element. No carpet and the whole thing can be hosed out.
The backseats come out,so you have a lot of cargo space. They also lay flay and can be hooked to the side (up against the side windows.)

Last June, I had a blowout,which sent me flying over the left traffic lane, a big ditch and then I rolled it 9 times.

Except for some bruises, I wasn't hurt.
At all.
It was totaled but we were able to buy it back for$100, resquare it, knock out the dents, new tires all around and except for a little dimple in the door,you would never know it had been in such an accident. Sturdy little car.
It takes time to recover. I tore my shoulder out in a fight atwork and was SURE I would never be 100% again. I'm probably 99%. It just took a lot of PT and outside work on my part.

Never give up.