My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May is almost gone

And I am working on the weeds and grass in my garden, and trying to walk at the Y in the work boots, as my foot will tolerate it..and trying to just cope with pain that doesn't ever go away, just goes from not a lot to makes me sick to my stomach and almost has me in tears.
I am spending some time looking at new cars at manufactures sites, and thinking about investments, trying to control my impulsive spending.
It's warmed up, I run both air conditioners off and on, I don't want to keep the house very cool, just so we can cook and eat and not be miserable.
My flower beds are looking better this year so far. The new city strip is settling in and starting to grow and bloom, the south berm is where I am dumping all the weeds and grass I am pulling, on the street side. I will toss some sand over it now and then and in time have a place to plant some hardy low maint. plants.
My little doll house is up and makes handy storage, and will make it easier to use my sewing space. I could be sewing but instead seem to do more down with my foot up this week.
I think some of that is due to my mowing the back part around the garden and plum trees. The ground there is rough, it's not easy mowing and it's very hard walking for my foot.
Between pain and being moody I am having a rough week but will be in MO this weekend for my oldest grand daughter's high school graduation. She's gone through a lot and pushed hard to get this far, and to learn to raise her son.
Maybe if I go bug the weeds and grass in the garden area I will cheer up's good for the garden at least.