My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

June is here and going fast

Time is flying--or I don't make time to blog..but the garden is growing and I am working to catch up with the weeds and grass there. The flowerbeds are looking good this year so far, it's great to see what all has really settled in well and is thriving.
The roof leaks worse than it did this time last year..but some day I will have a new roof.
The foot is making little progress at this time but I have another surgery to trim/smooth some rough bone edge that is causing pressure sore problems and a lot of pain so I am really looking forward to that and hoping it helps with not only pain but also wearing shoes and walking with less pain and less gait problems.
I am working to keep finances in better control and deal with my debt load and not do as much wasting money. There are a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders and I will continue to deal with them and take care of them.
Right now I am working on taking care of my life and my issues/problems, including this accident and all the waves it has created in my life, both emotionally and financially. I do know I am not able nor am I willing to take on the problems or responsibilities of someone else, no matter who it is or how I feel about them. My ability to cope is limited and I am accepting those limits, just cannot streach or give as much as I could even 6 months ago.
I know I have to be very carefull and invest the settlement when I get to that place, I do know now there is no way I will be working all the years I had planned to before this accident, my foot problems are going to create a lot more stress on my knees, hips and spine. That really stinks but I cannot fix all of it and neither can any doctor. I will count the blessings where I find them and appreciate the healing I have had and what healing I end up with when I am to the point the doctor or doctors determine I am as healed as I will probably ever be.
I do know there's no hero coming to make anything here perfect and wonderful and I won't expect the lottery to be mine either--but State Farm is dealing with this very responsibily at this time and I will hope they continue to do so..and if need be I do know how to get a lawyer and work with that.
Mike and I don't talk much right now, time schedules are not matching up well for that and there's a lot I am not talking about right now..just things we both have to work on and work out..and responsibilites that need taken care of by each of us.
I know I will not be having anyone else shoulder my debt and financial issues, they are my doing and I will be taking care of them..and I won't be taking on those that belong to someone else. Making sure they are not able to become my problem or that my settlement cannot be attached or taken, to pay IRS or other debts is very high on my list of why I will make some decisions and choices...
There's a place up for sale I have always loved the look of--I don't expect to be able to buy it, am sure it will be sold before I have my settlement but I will take photos and go see the interior of the house Friday. It's 4.6 acres and out of town but close enough for a easy drive to Cargil and work..and I could have so much fun with it. Plenty of room for small orchard, bigger garden and lots of landscaping..some cedars along the highway frontage and it would rapidly become secluded and very private..dream on...
God has done a great job taking care of me, and I am not complaining, menopause is finally here-I think, that has been a life stage I have wanted to get through and be done now I am getting there and in time my body chemistry will get back in balance and that will help my moods and outlook.

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