My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, June 21, 2010

Surgery update

Ouch and more ouch, I think I hurt more from this surgery than from the first one. And this time I have bled through the bandaging, and soaked the gauze pad that was put over that. I am on bedrest until Wed. and then I can be up as foot will tolerate it and it can support weight as it will tolerate. I cna also redo the dressing as I feel need, as of Wed. so that is a plus too.
I will not know what I have really gained for several weeks, some bone was removed from beneath a tendon and also the broken edge that has been a pressure sore problem.
When the heel bone was broken it was not the 'usual' downward/flat force breaking it. The foot was most likely broken by the brake peddle being shoved up, which shoved some of those broken pieces up as it broke the bones.
Since they could not be put back where they belonged, I now have a rather wierd heel bone with a jut out on 1 side..that is where the trimming was done..If it could have been put back where it came from, I would have far less problems, my heel is now very wide and slopes a lot to the outside edge. And that is only part of the reasons I have gait and pain issues that might be life long. I have been dealing with the pain without any meds, including over the counter, most of the time, so hope to continue that.
We, my dr. and sons, friends, myself, all hope that this surgery also helps improve my gait but the dr. and I are both aware it might not change that at all.
I hope to get all the paperwork for the supplimental income insurance ready and as they have an office in Springfield, I hope to be able to take it there when I go pick up my lost wages check from State Farm. That way I can make sure they have everything they need or want or get a list of the additional information they need. This insurance was 1 of the union sponsered things and I had signed up for it a month before the accident and thought it only covered if I was out due to illness. It doesn't pay me much per hospital/outpatient time nor does it pay me much per week but we are now at week 24 so that is a lot of weeks of back pay I am due...and hopefully I will get it filed for and see the check in a reasonable amount of time.
I know things with this accident could have been far worse and for the most part I do appreciate all of that. I am working on several different 'life plans' so that I have some ideas and some groundwork for something other than Cargill Supply clerk, if that is a short lived future or a job I cannot go back to at all.
A very large settlement from State Farm will be well invested, I am already doing some of the advance work for having several 'baskets' for several nest eggs. And I am looking into what all I can/would be able to do to earn a living IF I cannot do it standing on my feet for all or most of an 8 hour shift.
Job/education is an option I am willing to consider, it might be what is in my best interest long term and I know there is oppertunity for that education here in town, in Jacksonville and in Springfield..the gas costs will make me cry unless I do buy a very gas thrifty vehicle..but it's worth looking into....I have to have several options for a way to make a living, for a future I can like to be content.
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