My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday again...

24 weeks today since the accident and I was inside the plant today!!! The first time in 24 weeks, and it was just to get another insurance paper filled in and signed..and my personal items out of my locker. The landscaping that was put in a couple years ago is looking great, and it was good to see the gals in HRD, I used to make sure they got their office deliveries and someone else is doing those duties while I am working on recovery.
Ben did take me to see some of the storm damage that had not yet been cleared up, it's amaging to see huge green trees turned over and their roots up, and some tore up sidewalks. We had some huge and very old trees torn out by the storm, but considering it whipped through this old river town and got trees all over, there has been very few homes and business buildings torn up. A fair share of vehicles were under trees, parked and I did see a few towed down wall street, looking like they lost the battle with the tree.
Insurance companies will be crying but it certainly could have been far worse and we all realize it and appreciate it. And the town will get cleaned up, the damaged and up-rooted trees will be removed, the holes their roots left will be filled in and in time some of those trees will be replaced with new growth.
Today would be my day off, unless I worked for someone else and got paid overtime, winter ended, spring came and went and now we are into summer. Turnover at the plant means there are a lot of new faces there, new people I don't know and now, might never know. I'm not going to go back to crying over this accident, I think I have about finished up the crying and am now starting to look at what pieces I have and what my life can become.
There's still a chance I can return to work, but where a couple months ago I knew I would be back at work and soon, now I know that the chance of that happening is not as likely as I had believed. But I still have a lot more weeks before the company terminates me, we have either 12 months or 18 to be out with non-work medical or other issues. 24 weeks is over 5 months but I still have a lot more months that I could recover, that my foot and my body could heal enough for me to return to my job.
In the meantime, the gals in HRD and I had a minute to talk, several have me on prayer lists at their churches, it's made a huge difference for me, knowing I matter enough for that, knowing they care that I am doing ok.
My life here has been so blessed and so good, if I can return to Cargill, that is great, and if not, my life here will still be a good one. I have the ability to make it a good life and State Farm will give me the financial ability to do that also.
And in the meantime, I have my garden to tend, my flowers to nuture, my friends, my knitting and sewing and all the many other 'gifts' that are my life here.


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