My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Storms and surgery..

Well, I thought surgery was rough, then life got rougher when a storm rolled in late Monday night and took out the power, a lot of trees, the roof from an apartment building, and made a mess of town. My power was out from about 3 am Tuesday until about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday but we didn't have a lot of storm damage here, tree limbs down at my neighbors, some smaller stuff down here and I still have a lot of small twigs and branches to clean up that came from nieghboring trees but it will be there later too.
This surgery go-round I have had a lot more pain but the foot is tolerating some weight today so that is making me hurt less using the walker. I am very out of shape, just ask all the places from my waist up that hurt from using that walker, and it's only been a day or 2..heal, heal, please--foot heal fast.
I got the insurance form back from my dr. that I left there Monday before the surgery and now it has to go to Cargill to be filled out by them and I will do that tomorrow. I have an appointment in Springfield with the company for this supplimental income insurance and that is my next Monday project. And I have everything organized and in the insurance file I am packing around now days.
Outside is very hot and humid but with all the rain I will say my plants are looking great, they came through the storm very well, the plum trees didn't even loose much fruit.
And I got the policy for our disability insurance at the plant, and it clearly states 18 weeks of disability so I am short 4 weeks and if the plant and union have not cleared that up by next Friday I am going to get an attitude. After 24 weeks of this accident recovery and the ton of insurance paperwork I have dealt with and the fact that that insurance has had the same forms filled out and turned in about half a dozen times now, yes, I am tired of dealing with it, I am owed the remaining weeks, get them paid NOW.
Since the power was out all over town McDonalds was closed and Julie came over early to 'Maggie' sit so Ben could help with clean up for my elderly neighbors. We got a sundress made for her Betsy doll and it went home in her pocket. She will be my driver Friday to get my lost wages check so that lets Ben have less on his shoulders. It will be cooking hot but I know once the insurance bugs are worked out and I get the monies owed I will have the funds for the air cond. repairs on my truck and have that done.
I do like the sundress pattern I drafted up and think it will work well for the 14 inch dolls but have not tried it with the Kish dolls but might get 1 done soon. It works up fast and can be done with a lot of different skirt options.
Well I need to get something more done here than blog...

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