My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Produce!!

The first cucumbers and squash came out of the garden today and Ben and his gal pal helped some with the weeding project. I should have it about cleaned up before my surgery and my back to walker and keeping foot elevated...I will not be down long but with all our rains the weeds and grass grow fast.
And if it wasn't rain, I would be watering my garden and the weeds and grass there would still be taking over. It's an annual battle here that got worse with all the seeds in the compost I bought from the plant compost..loads more grass and weeds but it also helped my little sand lot..and all those weeds and grass are going to compost too..just not in my garden.
Monday insurance paperwork goes with me to leave at my dr.s office, the monthly form that gets my mortgage payment made and the new form for the supplimental income insurance--that I didn't think about until I found the policy--in the doll patterns I had been working on just before the accident..good thing Julie has gotten me working on that pile of patterns...the payment per week is not a lot, and it pays $50 per hospital day/outpatient surgery but since I didn't get it started when the accident happened they will pay up the back 23+weeks, the $150 for the hospital stay and 2 outpatient I will have the $$ to have the air cond. in my turck fixed and maybe even pay off my Victoria's account...and my property taxes this year...
I got 1 pair of socks done and in a box to ship off to that Marine son and I have another pair almost to the heel, they are going fast, light gray with re-inforced heels and toes..knit toe up and when I run out of gray the socks get black tops. It makes a lot faster knitting and more enjoyable for Mom.
Talked to Mike on Skype tonite, we've not done that for a long time, nice to see his face but he was playing cards with his family so it was a distracted conversation.
Well, I have early church so it's past time to get everything shut down and get some sleep...

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