My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blogs and arguements

Was reading a blog I read often, and then all the comments on the latest post--which was more arguement and stupid idiot stuff than anything else. It's a good thing I have a lot of time to waste some days, as that's what it was...
I hope I don't waste time and cyber space with all the trash I was reading--and I won't be doing it again...but now I know what was posted and the comments and direction. I will try and not put my thoughts and opinions out in cyber space in such a way that it generates such stuff as I was reading...
Here we are having more rain, the roof leaks a lot with as much rain as we've been having and I forgot about the plastic storage boxes up in the attic to catch they were over flowing..blame it on the accident. I dealt with it today and I was up in the attic and handed the filled bucket down to Ben. So, that translates in my foot would support and allow me to do that job, a job that is part of my 'life in a renovation project'. And 1 more small thing back to feeling normal in my life..each small detail I can get back to 'normal. helps me feel like my life is getting back to something that works for me.
Kerr's called so my boots are in, hopefully they fit and will be work-wearable and my foot will tolerate the right boot, and we can make the left boot fit my normal left foot snug enough to be comfortable and safe for work. I will run up tomorrow and try them on, then go on to Peoria and collect Jake's new treasure, it's waiting there and will stay here until he can come home and get it. I also plan to do some vehicle looking. I am NOT bying at this time but looking at what I will want after the settlement--which might be a year or more away.
The 1994 Ranger truck will for for me for now, but long term I am looking at something newer, with more safety features and more room. Plenty of time to look, collect brochures and so forth, and I do enjoy doing some of that. Kia has a cute one coming but it won't meet my needs or wants--cute is not what I need, it's too small, not enough space---and I do not want several vehicles, just 1 that will meet all my needs and a few of my wants.
The dolls will get attention/sewing later, the garden and flowerbeds will get attention when it gets dryer...wet and cool day today and I will admit I have done little today

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