My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Chili and friends

Otto and Lou both came to supper and watch How To Train Your Dragon with me. It was a great supper with 2 people that I enjoy seeing and don't often have time now that I am working.
I bound off 1 of Jake's socks and am doing the black ribbing on the top of the second one. And worked on folding some of that mountian of laundry I did yesterday. The floors are cleaner and the needed filters were changed.
It's a good day off and I will be having another one tomorrow, not the same as today, maybe I will get some outside work done, maybe I will go to town and look for a replacement for my sound system that doesn't like to work. The speakers are still fine, I just need something to make them work, play music cds, play dvds..but know it's not top of the priority list...I can take the cover off this one and maybe that will make it work, did the trick last time.
It's cold and windy outside, will be glad to have that heat for the bed and the dog to help warm up my back..if he will do that. He spent most of last night on his own dogbed. Otto thinks it's a good idea to get his house a bed and was pleased to know I found a door, he will lend a hand installing it if I need the help.
I am thinking on the house changes I want so I have more space for spiral stairs.
My life is getting some things back that were a part of me and my world before the accident but I won't ever be the same. It's not just my foot/leg and the walk. There's so much I have no words to explain. I'm tighter on my values, it's not so much as they have changed, it's that they are more solid and defined. Priorities are different, now that I am back at work I am sorting that 'important' list out.
My need for self reliance is stronger, and I am working on making my home and my finances to where they meet my needs for that. Having the debt load paid down and off and accounts closed matters more to me now that it did in the past.
I drifted for most of the months while I was healing from this accident, now I am getting control of my life back and I am no longer willing to just drift. It's going to take time, but I am gaining strength every week. And I am coping better with so many things now.
And tomorrow will be a really good day, Kid and I might even get to the park so he can run and do the wild dog thing. Do the internet bill paying thing, see what the weather is like, and then decide what I am doing with the day. I know Not doing lunch with Darrell is high on that list of what I am NOT doing. We are NOT dating, and no matter what talk is going about the plant, I am not involved with him, and I am not going to encourage him or anyone to think we are involved than just friends and not close friends.

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