My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

The bread dough is rising slowly, it's wet, it's cold, but it's a good day, and going to stay a good day off work. I should be off tomorrow also but it looks like I might be working next Thursday and Friday.
I made a major Dumb error on my blue gansey and had to rip back close to 3 inches of progress, like a week or more of work on it because I forgot to put the underarm gusset stitches on holders for later. No wonder it looked so wide. But I will gain some progress today and tomorrow, need to figure how long I need that chest area before starting the neck shaping and I have to measure the width of the center cable as that will also be the shoulder strap.
I want this sweater to fit closer than my heavier sweaters, it's a lot lighter weight yarn so I will be wearing it a lot more inside, over a thin t-shirt or light weight turtleneck type or less. I am liking how it's working out, and hope the size is what I have worked out on paper.
Kid and I are still enjoying the house to ourselves, and less mess and noise.
My foot and I are doing better than I expected and I am working on that 'gait' stuff which is helping me have less pain in my left hip joint. The work shifts still get long and hard some nights, but I don't remember when I took something for pain. I do remember taking cold meds last week but am not sure I hurt enough with my foot, hip joint or any other parts to need something for pain.
I'm also not waking up hurting and have mornings I can get around the house without the cane at the start of my day. I judge my quality of life by how much I need to take something for pain and now, by how much I need that cane to get around. There are mornings my first walk outside around the house with Kid are with the cane but I did not need it this morning.
It looks like a wet and gray day, followed by another wet and gray day. I'm ok with that as I did not have plans for much out of the house stuff.
I'm going to let everyone else do the wild and crazy shopping and instead stay home, enjoy my knitting, dog, birds, house, projects to play with and really like my quiet life.
Having decided I really pick the worst choices in men to have relationships with I am really content with no significant other, no lover, no dating and just appreciating the fact I didn't make worse financial decisions than the ones I made with the last dating/in love.
And I am looking at income tax time and getting my software downloaded and start working on my tax return. this year I should see more of my paid in taxes back, LOL, I am low income for this year.
I am so hoping 2011 is a far better year for me than 2010 has turned out to be. It did have a good start but sure changed with that accident and all that brought into my life. I am dealing with it, I am fixing what I can, accepting what I can not change and finding my way around the rocks in my road.
Emotionally I am a stronger person, and in some ways, a harder person, physically, I will always have some challenges now that were not a part of my life a year ago.
And we still do not know who will get the purchasing manager job but did learn last night at least 1 of my co-workers applied for the opening and I can't imagine a bigger disaster than any of the supply clerks having that job, none of us have the qualities and abilities the job really needs.
And talk is day clerk will retire after our current purchasing manager retires, I will bid that opening but expect it to go to 1 of our 3rd shift clerks, she mentioned to someone she wanted to be on days and with her husband now home, he's had heart surgery this past summer and apparently will not be coming back to his job with our food service. He might be going back to teaching which is days.
Regardless, I do have a job with livable paycheck, good benefits and that I do like working. I don't expect my world to make any huge changes anytime soon and I can sure appreciate some stability for a while, a very long while.

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