My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Grubby, nasty, food filled keyboards

I admit to eating at the computer, that's why my laptop has a cool keyboard cover for it's keyboard. Ben is the 1 who really makes a mess, a sticky, ugly gross mess of my keyboard. So, I have a sealed, washable, flexible one ordered and then went and cleaned the old 1 this morning along with getting the dishes done. I managed to loose the K key but have the 'end' key in it's place, don't use that 'end' key enough to miss it. And will have a food and drink tolerable keyboard here soon. There's a reason I don't often use the big computer....
It's 41 now outside, and I am going to strip the bed and dig out that heated mattress pad and put clean sheets on the bed. I want it warm and cosy when I crawl in, especially when I hurt a lot and am beat tired. And I am going to see if I can live with the heat set at 71 this winter, know last winter it was between 72 and 74 but I need to keep a tighter budget this year. I will encourage Kid to be cuddly and provide heat, and dress warmer. I can no longer run around the house bare foot due to the foot problems from the accident so that will help me feel warmer, socks and shoes, padded slippers are now a part of life.
My body is managing work better than I expected/feared but I have a long way to go yet. But it feels so great to be back in plant, to be doing my job and to be working hard to do my job to the best of my abilities.
Ben is out and about again, so it's just Kid and me. we are ok with that except for the long work hours when Kid is outside. He will benefit from some of this overtime, I already got him a good house and now will get it the pad made for that model doghouse, and the door for it and the electric heat pad. then I will have to move the house so it's close enough to plug that heat pad in. It's made for exterior use and the outlet is 1 that can switch off, duu, forgot what they are called.
I am going to look into electric fencing for the entire yard so Kid will stay better in our yard and not have to be on his cable run. I would love chain link fencing around most of the place but need a survey first, and it's a lot of labor to put up the fence. Something I can't do alone now, that's for sure.
1 of my pals wants to do lunch out Thursday if I don't end up scheduled to work. I need to get everyone to understand Thursday-IF I don't work is MY home day. I don't want to go far from home, I have a list of stuff I want done that day and I want to have a lot of down with feet up time and Kid time. Fridays my paycheck is in the bank, I might have errands and maybe even can play a Friday is my out and about day--if I am not needed at work.
I will get that worked out, and will stand firm, it's what schedule works for me and for the dog and for the stuff here I need or want to do. If Julie is off that day, she's over to play and sew and that too is high on my list of important.
I am going to hope the next 2 shifts are peaceful with both Anthony and I working, his attitude is NOT improved by his most recent suspension. And now he and Tina T. are very aware that I am capable and quite willing to take overtime from them. I have the seniority over them, and that's what paying those union dues all these years is all about. They complain about the hours and about overtime, ok, no problem, I will work it and be glad to have it if it works for my schedule and for my body. I am not going to beat myself to death just to rub it in their noses that I don't mind the overtime and that I have more time in plant than either of them do.
But I was off 8.5+ months and everyone worked a lot of hours they might not have wanted because of my long recovery from the accident, now it's my turn to work and theirs to have some time off.
I can sure use the money to pay off those co-pays on the medical bills and to pay larger payments on my credit debts and get those paid off and closed. I can re-build my savings accounts and have funds for work on my old house once again.
Well, I am going to put that dragon training movie in and enjoy it while I work on digging out the warm winter bedding and get the bed ready for cold winter nights and a very spoilt and whiny old woman

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