My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love the internet

Comfortable in bed to get a few hours rest before heading back to the plant to work 3rd shift and checked my bank account and paid a couple bills. Now, you have to admit there is a lot of really bad stuff out there in cyberspace but it's a great tool also, it all depends on how you choose to use it.
Most of my bills I can pay on line, I can be sure they are paid and I can have proof they are paid. And I can do it any time of day or night and from anywhere I have internet connection. Now, that's convenient and makes my very busy work life easier.
I put in 16 hours overtime this past week and will be putting in 7.5 or more this coming week, so the credit debt got payments early and more than the min. amount, the city utilities all get paid and next week the savings gets extra $$ and the medical bills get paid, some will be paid off, a small loan gets an early payment again and I am paying extra on it every month too. And then the check after that, the house payment for January will get paid.
And I found some stuff called Blue=Emu that seems to really help with the foot pain, it's not some warm up, hot feeling stuff, and no smell so if it helps and makes life easier, I will make sure it's on the budget. I like feeling I am getting a few pieces of my life back into some sort of working order. I am starting to have a financial plan every week once again.
And I am thinking and talking next spring's flowerbeds and garden work. That too, it's part of my normal little world. I know I have a long ways to go, I don't expect the settlement with the accident to take place before the end of the year but I can hope.
It would be nice to be starting the new year with that done and moving on with my life. And Jake and maybe Red might be home on leave in early Jan., so I will hope they both can come and I will plan and hope to take my week of vacation time then.
I'm looking at flat screens for the bedroom and drooling over the IPAD but I don't have Mac computers so at this time an Ipad would be a seriously limited and very high $$$ toy..and they don't do any USB Flash drives that means they are really limited when it comes to storage. I'm here in bed with my small netbook and it's got a lot larger hard drive than the biggest they put in an Ipad, and has 3 usb ports, does more and was far lower. But I still really like that Ipad, it's so cool, I can imagine reading e-books anywhere with it..and I am starting to really like e-books, some books I have in the attic I now have in the Toshiba as e-books, free e-books, and I have several in here. And I love the idea of downloading them onto a flash drive so I can move them from computer to computer. I don't want an e-reader, they have too small of screens to suit my old eyes.
So, despite the accident, I feel I have a really good life and it's getting back on solid ground, I am dreaming old house projects once again and knowing some will become reality as finances get better. The flowerbeds will improve, there will be a garden once again so I can share produce again with friends and people I know.
I am so liking this not dating and no man/relationship in my life. Just friends and pals works well for me, I don't want more, don't miss or want any more, don't want slobbered on, pawed or otherwise handled.
It's just a very good time for being solitary. I'm not alone, I have some close and valuable friends and my sons, and I have to admit that dog sure is devoted to me, even with the long work hours when he's outside on his cable run and Mom is gone...
Knitting and sewing are taking a back seat to work right now, but know that will balance out in time. We never go long with this much overtime to sign up for, I didn't plan to do any but I'm the 1 working the best schedule to work for most of the others, it's the 'advantages' of the supply clerk slot I have. And day shift/weekdays has the easiest work load..and I hope someday it's mine. But it's got to be posted to bid for first, and Max is still working, and I don't wish her out of her needed paycheck...I can wait, or most days I think I can.

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